Black People : [B]Over Two Hundred Million Died in the Slave Trade[/B]

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    I was looking for a cause of the trouble when I stumbled on this information bubble.

    Remember when you had a fight. With the other team after the game that night. It used to be don't come to my town. Win or loose I'm going to put you down.

    Then some labeled it for black and brown. So now I can't visit that part of town. Society condoning hunger and death. Human domination. Control in it's self. Not liking this man. That man nor her. Treating those different, that wasn't born there.

    " Twelve million prospective converts died in the first forty years of the Columbian era, followed by an estimated two hundred million in the slave trade , which ended with the American Civil War "

    The Native American was killed by Spaniards. They made sport of plunder being dangerous. Cruel people surrounding my life. It is horrible.. it's in the skys. I can see thru my ancestors eyes.

    Now calm down.. it's not that bad.. Don't you tell to be glad. Robbing others of life and limb. Then you tell me to love you still.

    Then my people taking on a shade of gray. Should we get back to black someway.

    Passing the madness.. psycho - babble into the heads of young. Projecting identification of self into others. Gives you power, to think. You say live up or down to an expected level. If I need to drink. From the fountain you profess. All the gold and water rest. On your side. Fighting forces back and forth. This is madness. Stop the stealth. Take a look at what was said. He is playing in your head.

    Men taking advantage of women. Men taking advantage of men. Nations over nations spinning never ends.

    No regard of gender..first it must put something in you. Excrements.. words..deeds and such. This has taken us out of touch. Made up reasons why you treat me. Like I don't exist.

    Cause you act. Doesn't mean I have to react. It has been proven you lose. Say what you will, continue to denigrate me fool. Your scapegoating unwanted aspects of yourself.