Black People : Ayman al-Zawahri addresses the American people

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    In his last message…Ayman al-Zawahri addressed both us ( the Americans) and Bush, and both the Republicans and Democrats…and these are excerpts from this message…what is your opinion?

    Excerpts from the message of Ayman al-Zawahri:

    I would like to talk to the American people , and to tell them: You did not realize the failure of the administration and you did not topple the Republicans candidates until the Mujahedeen defeated you, and you did not follow the principles of justice morals and rationality, the Mujahedeen still taking up their arms by the grace of Allah.

    The equation of your safety is: Don't dream of security until we live it really in Palestine and all Islam's lands, and it is not the wrong equation given to you by Bush and cheating you when he says that we fight the terrorists in their countries for not targeting and hitting us in our country, on the contrary, if we were stroked in our countries we will not stop hitting you in your country by Allah willing and might.

    And as our leader Sheikh Oussama Ben Laden –may Allah protect him- said to you: On the same way you bombard , you will be bombarded, and like you kill, you will be killed.

    My message to the Democrats in America, I say to them, you should realize two facts:

    -First: It is not you who won in the elections, neither the Republicans who lost, it is the Mujahedeen – vanguard of the Islamic nation in Afghanistan and Iraq- who were victorious, and the American forces with its allies who lost and were defeated.

    Second:The Mujahedeen still –by the grace of Allah- in the battlefield , and their arms which made the Republicans defeated still taken up and legal, the Mujahedeen will not stop defeating you until you leave our lands , stop robbing our riches and stop supporting the rotten governors in our countries.

    If you do not stop the stupid American policy in supporting Israel, occupying the Islam's lands and robbing the Muslims riches, then be awaited for the same fate.

    You should realize that a new stage of the history has been started, the stage of Aabd al-Aziz Al Sood's progeny , al-Sharif Hussain's grandsons, al-Sadat ,Mubarak and Aarafat , this stage expired, and it started the stage of Khaled al-Islamboli, Abd Allah Aazzam, the commandant Abu Hafs, Khattab, Muhammad Atta, Muhammed Sadeek Khan and Shahzad Tanweer "mercy of Allah upon them all", and if you are not able to understand and realize this change, do not blame none but yourselves.
    Get out of our countries, Stop supporting the rotten governors, and do not prevent the Islamic nation to found its Legal State .

    And I say to both of the Republicans and Democrats: You are trying in this panicked situation to find an egress from disasters encircling you in Iraq and Afghanistan, and you still reason with the same stupid rationality, you try to negotiate some parties to assure your getting out , but these parties can not help you and your trials will not bring to you nothing except the frustration –by Allah willing- , because you do not negotiate the real forces in the Islamic world, and it seems that you will enter in a painful trip of failing negotiations, and you will return –by Allah willing- obliged to negotiate the real forces.

    And I tell them that Bush represent the level of thinking of the American nation despite all what they have from research's centers, researchers , experts and historians, a nation choosing Bush as a president is a weak nation in morals and rationality and thinking, and it is sufficient to see what's happened in the last meeting of Bush with the mendicant al-Maleki in Aamman, and what disagreements and quarrels happened in this meeting and exposed in public in spite of their need to show it as a successful meeting.

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    betwixt and between
    m21122006 ... peace and blessings

    I am wondering ... when yall do the bombing ... will Black People be exempt, or is everyone in America a target?

    To our Homeland Security Resident Member ... can i get in trouble for this ... does this make us "a loosely formed cell?"

    Could this be considered "illegal discussions" with the "terrorists?"


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