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May 28, 2005
Awareness is not God

Awareness is proved as work – form of inert energy by science,
Work requires working element, - turbine is working element and
Rotation is work, work of turbine – is converted in to inert electricity.
Awareness being work can be – converted into inert primordial energy.
You can say that awareness being – converted into inert energy, that
Being converted into matter creates – this universe and thus awareness
Becomes the cause of universe, - this is acceptable to us, but that
Original awareness also requires – inert energy as working element.
If you say that awareness itself – is the working element, it is not so
In the analysis of the human being, - in that case awareness must be
Unimaginable independent entity – since imaginable work is dependent
On the working element only in the world, - such assumption contradicts
The Veda, which says, “He wished”, - here wish is the work of God.

God is the working element, - and wish is His work as per scripture.
Scripture follows the worldly logic - by mentioning wish as work only.
If worldly logic is applied fully, - God must be inert matter and energy.
The systems in human body are – inert matter in which inert energy
Functions to generate awareness, - then God must be a human being.
If you say that God is beyond – worldly logic, then God is unimaginable.
If you say that original awareness – is beyond logic, it is unimaginable.
In final dissolution inert matter – in God also becomes inert energy.
Finally primordial inert energy – is left over, which is ultimate generator,
Controller and destroyer of cosmos, - generation of life from inert energy
Can be explained by probability – in a long time of duration, science says
This much only, but infinite space – establishes the concept of unimaginable
Nature since spatial limits are – unimaginable, once category of unimaginable
Nature is established clearly by – infinite space seen by all at any time,
All the miracles fall in to this – category of permanently unimaginable.
Limits of space are permanently – unimaginable, you cannot say that
You will explain this in future, - there is no end to your statement.
Till you explain let us continue – the word “Unimaginable”, no objection.
Unimaginable God can wish and – He need not be awareness due to that,
Worldly logic is not applicable here, - scripture is explained in this way.
Worldly or earthly knowledge is not what's needed and used to understand the Scriptures nor anything spiritual, because it's not the same. One needs faith and belief in the Father and the Son to know how and why the Spiritual is divided in such a manner from the earthly.

To understand the Son sacrifice for our very iniquities which He gave His body for, and to fully grasp His resurrection from the dead on the 3rd day, one cannot apply earthly knowledge or else you'll be lost. However, to apply spiritual knowledge, with faith and belief, one will be found in understanding of the Father's Way and become apart of the Heavenly and spiritual, themselves.
Many in the East use Existence, Awareness, and Being as synonyms for one of the three aspects of the triune godhead.

A few years ago, I spent quite a bit of time studying Sri Yukteswar's "The Holy Science", front to back, back to front, over and over again.

He taught that the triune god head which Christianity calls the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, is Existence [aka Being aka Awareness], Consciousness, and Bliss.

Further, that because man is made in the image of God, man is also Existence, Consciousness, and Bliss. And, [this comes out in what I post here on Destee], all of man's suffering is a consequence of his misidentifying Self with body instead of Existence, Consciousness, and Bliss [ergo, instead of with the triune god head].

The West has really obfuscated this due to western science's ignorant Way of defining Consciousness as the process of being aware. Which may be why you are saying God is not Awareness [ergo, God is not what western science has defined as Awareness which the East has been calling Ego instead].

They hook a subject to an EKG, give the subject commands, and when the EKG measures evidence that the subject is going to act upon the command, the researcher concludes, ah-ha, that is the real I, the Self, the essence of who I am --- Consciousness.

Everything, with them, must be dumb-ed down to some consequence of the physical body. Hence, they conclude, that the Self is Awareness aka Consciousness aka Existence and that it is no more or less than just an epiphenomenon of the physical brain.

They do not even attempt to address Bliss because, I mean, really, what does the West know about Bliss?
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