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Aug 13, 2012
I would like to respectively ask a question to the black women here on I have interacted with some of you and have found many dynamic and enlightening perspectives and influences. I am looking forward to many of your answers and input on this question.

I have been doing some research on workshops for black women. I have 3 degrees in Community Service, Spiritual counsel, Spiritual development with an emphasis in Women's studies. I am very interested in creating some workshops just for black women.

These workshops will include but are not limited too: Healthy discussions on issues concerning black women and paths to healing; topics surrounding health, sexuality, relationships, spirituality/religion; body image and fitness, power of prayer, meditation, tinctures/herbal treatments, beauty and much more.

What I am noticing in doing research is that all of these kinds of workshops are directly linked or created by white women. These workshops, there curriculum are tapped into the vein of white society with only or the majority of white women benefiting from the connections that are formed with their sisters, healing circles, creative circles and discussions about what happens in their communities, creating what I would label as a community of power, support and relationships that flourish.

I have an immense desire to create something like this for AA women, my question is if black women had access to these kinds of community or tribal building, would we attend? What value would we as AA women place on these kinds of communities or opportunities to create them?

I am exhausted in watching and seeing nothing but white women here in America and in Europe create these "temples" with only white's attending!! What can we do as AA women to create our own? I feel our communities can thrive again in unity if we tap into this universal energy and consciousness.

Thanks for joining in ladies.



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Feb 9, 2001
Yes, I would most definitely participate and I would support it.

Must not be much interest in doing something like this though. Why wouldn't other Black women want this? Maybe it's difficult for Black women to focus on "self" and not others.

Well, keep seeking people with like-minded energy and I'm sure you will make a meaningful connection.

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