Black Poetry : Awake

Mario William vitale

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Jun 6, 2017
Today I sit on the pinnacle of trust knowing that my poems will reach the masses
I look past all the critics who claim," Your not good enough to be a poet".
Put my thinking cap on and hold to the words of Tennyson and Pond.
Very often on poetry sites in particular the critics can make you feel less then human.
Yet I'll stay true to the craft of free verse witing with poetry.
I admit I have a lot of flaws but I don't let those hinder me to be determined to become a successful writer.
Seek to become a beacon of light to a hurting world in need of poetry.
Lastly, remember where you came from but don't let that determine what will your future will become.
True art stay focused stay true to your craft.

love has a way
yet through a delicate haze
love has a way
Sisiter moon brother sun
onto a better new days run

we look within yet dream without
in columns of pillars let loose
share a brisk walk
could you talk the talk

out of a common stream
life is but a dream
a life to call you in
in days of dust
in God we trust
out of a common stream
hear the freedom bell ring
gives one rise to sing

the new day
bow your head to pray
wouldn't have it any other way
you got me in the zone
when i'm at home and alone
see the simple fawn out on the lawn
singing that same old song

vibrations to temptations
the applause of reflection
leaves you second guessing
best to be start professing
linger in the moment
having fun & enjoyment
choose to salute the flag
remember the cost
some may go before the toss
it maybe their loss
the new days dawn
Mary sings her final song

don't turn your rights to wrong
Remember when you were young
never hurting anyone
out their on their own
looking for some fun
to dream of flight of fancy
gone are the days when Sid with Nancy
take control of your tongue
life is but a dream
eating delicious ice cream
sipping on Jimmy Bean
causing a horrific scene

it's in the parting of the waves
eating with a silver spoon
in the late month of June
best to go & clean your room
some are being thrown to the wolves
run to the hill

dazzle with your way on MTV
living out your legacy
come and sit next to me
falling stream
peeps do scream
we are made up with many molecules
a couple of screws loose
the devil is prawling the internet
have you taken the time to forget
this is not the teaching of the new age
nor of the occult
You don't like what you see ?
change your hearts & imagination
life is what you make it
so don't try to fake it

we look toward each philisophical premise
through the journey of the day
what was going on inside your head
the devil wants to put bad images in your mind
he robs from the blind
there are better days ahead
what kind of image do you have inside
we all want to run away and hide
blown to & fro
bust up the beat to promote its tempo

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