Black Poetry : Avail oneself

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    Life is a crazy page and like LADY RAGE my flow ruff
    Like them “afro puffs” win on gravel I’ve had enough
    Begin to travel then unravel lost roads with a boss load
    Of navigation in a vocab situation have to read the code
    Get strange affection when I change direction have to
    Rearrange my protection, but in the bar grab a brew
    perfume be on the menu must resume into some true
    relations and see nations fall in love and this is highlighted
    try get invited to a girl's home then hurl some strong ignited
    love talk in her ear until it begin to appear to look like a date
    try speak correct but got street in my dialect don't know my fate
    oh but that cake, this is a mental start which is an essential part
    of being sane art is the blame it could start a flame and spark
    your imagination, my facts convince never lack strength but yo
    it's very unique and it's necessary to complete a verse must go
    and eat first, now i got steak on a plate with carrots on the side
    come hardcore and deep but need more sleep jumped in my ride
    went to the store to peep a chick yeah take a quick look chick got
    me hook cutie clever booty forever, jest one glance bought a hot
    ton of romance, looking like a winner something cooking for dinner
    loving this girl's oven, "SO BOO like your bright lights in room I enter
    we turn them off and be concerned about the soft sex we're gonna
    wanna have, it' sex hardcore heard in the yard next door boner
    to a goner,went to party took off my coat aware that folks were there
    drank a coke, stare at this chick that if wanna kiss quick but where
    is my chance? she seem bolder and tall and I'm over a wall how dare
    I fall in love doe, she may get a rose for flirting then close the curtain
    oppose to certain kind of love talk, "NAW PLAYER I'm very fine flirting
    and proud but you stuck behind a cloud of love in foggy skies wanna
    play doggie on my pies you must fiddle wit it to get a little bit gonna
    be busy trying to persuade my thing maybe a serenade with ring may
    get you somewhere ,right now I'm wet down there please don't play
    we maybe able to kiss don't know how to stable this so wait it's cake
    so let me think a little my thing pink and brittle but not an escape
    for a boy toy to enjoy and go crazy on it gravy be so ironic so take
    a bow oh wow" "OK BOO birds peck, words wreck on an absurd date
    far as love try win it sweet and like a senate seat you'll be in control
    I've been told you have a bossy love that's costly in the club cold
    I got a strong and correct staff and your love like a long neck giraffe
    it reach treetops and you a peach and be hot and kissing is my craft
    for love I'm a fit candidate and you have legit panty-cake girl you
    got class and sweet and last week had to ask some unique stuff boo
    got a drop top lets go to the sock hop tonight awight?" “NAW PLAYER
    you may try to get some I’m wet bun, funny how some be slayers
    with love make a girl's panties drop to the floor words so hot adore
    that love talk, I jest walk off, don't look back a shook act juice pour
    They be all at my door ready to beg made a sweaty pledge jest to
    not give it up and jest live and duck remember being at this boy's crib and stuck and he wanted some another day this boy want butter anyway and I have a plenty to say about that not jest gonna throw my panties in the air let him get candies have an affair a pair of panties are hard to cum by a dumb guy wouldn't know that so hats off to me softly like coffee, no doubt with COX you get movies out the box oh he jest kissed my lips before I was ready my body got more sweaty oh my gosh getting brainwash my lace teased grab my waist and squeezed he jest wanted a taste said please he holds my hand
    he jest got my tongue right there on the sofa I became unaware it was all over oh my panties was so wet by then this guy spin my head can easily end in bed oh my panties jest flew off couldn't find them he said my pudding is divine for him oh I couldn't go anywhere I try pushy him away that didn't work oh he really got some tongue then, oh for sex he thirst a lot and the worse flop is when rappers nurse HIPHOP and be the first in flip flops after they take off the TIMS realize my cake soft for him, you strongly bling but the only thing is it blind folks because it shine dope plus you kind of hope stroke my thing oh wow I'm being used and seeing confused, you living plush as pure as the driven slush I have to rush and leave you wanna crush and squeeze my cherries, oh gosh if my thighs were open you'll have my pies smoking going crazy on it doggone it, oh this love game twist my cake but can't make the same mistake got a friend already with a baby she let a boy go crazy on her gravy she say he was saying oh baby boo and stuff, when he finish she was pregnant, time to be brave and stealth and save myself told him to behave and I left (THE END)