Black People : Autum Ashante' Partners with Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council to Support

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    Autum Ashante' Partners with
    Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council to Support
    United Nations Millennium Development Goals

    Young Poet Joins the Hip-Hop Millennium Development Goals Campaign to end Conflict, Racism and establish Global Partnerships for Development along with Women & Gender Equality

    NEW YORK − Eight year old Autum Ashante', poet extraordinaire and community activist has joined forces with the Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council to help in the Development of Global Partnerships to eradicate racism, poverty and conflict, while promoting Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women. Autum has always been a loving warm child who loves all people of good will and never had any racial animosity toward anyone in this world. Autum stated, “She is looking forward to representing the Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council in meeting its goals in reaching children all over the world”.

    As Charles Fisher, Founder and Chairman of the Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council stated, “We have worked to protect the rights of our youth, while helping them become productive citizens for over 29 years”. “It is important for our organization and individuals that are concerned about the future of our youth to support this young lady and mentor her in the constructive use of her time and talent to become a role model for our youth and a positive force for social change”. “It takes an entire village to raise a child” and by having Autum join our Hip-Hop Millennium Development Goals campaign she will able to use her positive influence to bring awareness about the Millennium Development Goals to young people all over the world. Her support and participation will start a global youth movement that will help the United Nations meet their goals”, ended Fisher.

    "Hip-Hop is about reaching to fulfill one' highest aspirations and our dear Sister Autum Ashante is a rising star and a cultural blessing from God to all of humanity. I support her and the development of her career 100% and I applaud her efforts to teach young people all over the world about the importance of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.” ended Dr. Ben Chavis, President, Hip-Hop Summit Action Network and President and CEO of H3 Enterprises, Inc.

    At this new junction in her life, Autum is still reading, creating and writing poetry about life and all of myriads facets that we all embrace as we proceed on life’s journey. “My poetry reflects on historical events that have happened and I as a creative person feel it is my mission in life to spiritually and emotionally move a young person to act, think and be aware of all that surrounds them.” “Now being involved with the Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council, I will be able to make possible my mission in life which is for the betterment of all children”.

    With these new and other developments that will be made at the press conference on August 13, 2007 the whole world is anxiously awaiting the brilliance of Autum Ashante' and her creative perception of the world.

    For Additional Information: Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council, Inc. 212-353-5084 x 225 / or

    For Press Information Contact: S&S Associates 908-221-1660
    Tonya Payton - [email protected] or Ann Brown - [email protected]