Black Astrology : Authorized to Rise! - 'The King' LeBron James' Birth-Natal Chart


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Jun 10, 2004

Name: LeBron James
Birth Date: 12/30/1984
Birth Place: Akron, Ohio
Birth Time: N/A

Sun in Capricorn [8° 42']
Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the planet Saturn. Many astrologers consider this to be the strongest sign of the zodiac. These people are frugal, hard working, and dedicated to achieving their goals. If they maintain integrity, they may also achieve the highest accomplishments, but they will assuredly have the greatest of falls. These are practical people. They will let nothing stand in their way. They are undefeatable enemies and loyal friends. They are neat and methodical. They also are frequently “slave drivers.” They do not function well for long in subordinate positions. They need to be in charge, even if it is in a small way. Capricorns, as a rule, live to a ripe old age. They are old when you are young, and young when they are old. Capricorns tend to be ambitious, realistic, responsible, worriers, and hard workers.

Moon in Aries [8° 28']
Gives a person a great deal of energy. Confers ambition. Inclines person to temper flare-ups and impetuousness. Person is usually courageous and confident. These people do not tolerate interference from others. They are independent and do what they want, right or wrong. There usually is a capacity for leadership.

Mercury in Sagittarius [16° 36']
The mind is concerned with social justice, law, religion, philosophy, and higher education. This is not the best placement for Mercury, often causing the persons to lose sight of truth. These people frequently have the gift of prophecy. These people sometimes become so concerned about conformity that they become hypocrites. They often consider themselves to be authorities (know it all). They need to realize that just because a current trend is popular, it does not necessarily mean it is right.

Venus in Aquarius [24° 21']
Impersonal but friendly people. These people are usually well liked because they sparkle with energy, are electric, and have an unusual manner about them. Often they are self-sacrificing to help others. Frequently their romances are sudden and superficial, rather than stable or long lasting. They do not like partners who shy away from social gatherings or events because these are very social, group oriented people. In some cases, these people are eccentric or promiscuous. Any occupation in which electricity or electronics is a major factor is often chosen by these people for their career.

Mars in Pisces [3° 47']
These are self-sacrificing people who are more interested in helping others than in their own welfare. They make excellent nurses. Unfortunately, they are easily misused by others who take advantage of their generosity and goodwill. Often these people are considered to be weak because they rarely stand up for their rights. This position favors those who work behind the scenes rather than in public view. This is a favorable position for artistic and musical careers.

Jupiter in Capricorn [21° 03']
These people make their own opportunities rather than wait for opportunity. They are conscientious and are willing to work harder than asked. Generally they have moral integrity in business. They tend to have conservative views, and exercise great caution and mature judgment in everything they do. They do have a strong desire for power and status, which often causes problems with their domestic life. This position is typical of the executive who lives at the office and hardly ever sees his family. These people do not like waste and in extreme cases become miserly.

Saturn in Scorpio [24° 34']
There is a strong desire to have authority and a hard drive to attain their ambitions. Whether they use honest, fair methods or underhanded, dishonest methods depends on Saturn's aspects. They can be hard taskmasters. They are fanatical about their principles. They tend to gravitate toward businesses dealing with finances, taxes, insurance, matters concerning property of others. Being a tax accountant in a corporation is an example.

Uranus in Sagittarius [15° 16']
Strong desire to integrate science and religion with the occult, astrology. Sometimes they are skeptics or agnostics. Curious about foreign cultures.

Neptune in Capricorn [1° 26']
Karmic reckoning.

Pluto in Scorpio [4° 19']


Capricorn (3), Scorpio (2), Sagittarius (2), Aries (1), Aquarius (1), Pisces (1)

Cardinal- 4 (Sun-Capricorn, Moon-Aries, Jupiter-Capricorn, Neptune-Capricorn)
Fixed- 2 (Venus-Aquarius, Pluto-Scorpio)
Mutable- 3 (Mercury-Sagittarius, Mars-Pisces, Uranus-Sagittarius)

Air- 1 (Venus-Aquarius)
Fire- 3 (Moon-Aries, Mercury-Sagittarius, Uranus-Sagittarius)
Earth- 3 (Sun-Capricorn, Jupiter-Capricorn, Neptune-Capricorn)
Water- 2 (Mars-Pisces, Pluto-Scorpio)


Sun Square Moon [0.14 (-182)]
Creative self-expression is usually blocked by the person's family. They usually have difficulty getting along with the opposite sex. They feel insecure.

Sun Conjunction Neptune [7.16 (131)]
This also is a psychic aspect. They can be genuinely inspired or be self-deluded, depending on the rest of the chart.

Moon Trine Uranus [6.49 (18)]
These people are unconventional and have strong imaginations. They are original and energetic. Often they are interested in astrology and have some psychic ability.

Mercury Conjunction Uranus [1.20 (267)]
These people are often geniuses. Their minds are exceptionally quick and original. Often they pursue careers in electronics. They are very independent, and sometimes too independent. Sometimes they are hard to get along with.

Venus Conjunction Mars [9.26 (30)]
Basically, this is a sensual aspect. It bestows passion, physical love desires, artistic expression of love or sexual connotations. In its highest expression, it is a generous, loving outpouring of help to others. In its most base expression, it is raw sexual exploitation.

Venus Square Saturn [ 0.13 (-106)]
Life is exceptionally harsh for these people. Unfulfilled love and financial hardship are common. Sometimes they are obsessed with a quest for wealth, regardless of what they have to do to obtain it.

Mars Sextile Neptune [2.20 (66)]
These people can see through the motives of others, hence they are not easily fooled. Any professions that require exceptional imagination and superior energy need people with this aspect in their natal chart

Mars Trine Pluto [0.33 (98)]
These are ruthless fighters who give no quarter to defend what they believe to be right. They live life dynamically and have unbreakable willpower.

Jupiter Sextile Saturn [3.31 (11)]
This aspect confers a balance between Jupiter's expansiveness, optimism, and enthusiasm, and Saturn's constrictiveness, caution, practicality, and organization.

Neptune Sextile Pluto [2.53 (25)]
This aspect has an extremely long duration and is not usually significant in individual horoscopes unless either Neptune or Pluto is in an angular house (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th). In this case there will be unusual scientific or psychic abilities.

Chart Calculated at:
Interpretations Taken from: Hewitt, William W. (1998). Astrology for Beginners: An Easy Guide to Understanding & Interpreting Your Chart. Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul, Minnesota.


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