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Charles IKS

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Mar 27, 2010
On April 16, 17 and 18th, there will be an initiation held by the IKS(Indigenous Knowledge Studies) Healing Society-New York City Chapter. After the initiation you will be part of an apprenticeship program in which you will be taught authentic, straight from the bush, indigenous knowledge from the northern regions of Ghana and the southern regions of Burkina Faso. Of course, the objective of the instruction is to train you to be well rounded PRACTITIONERS of the disciplines that have been practiced in Africa for millions of years. You will be taught:

1)How to divine and will be given your very own divination system.
2)How to perform sacrifices.
3)How to work with the spirit or spirits that will be given to you,
4)How to construct your indigenous ancestral shrine....and much more!!!

For more information contact me at charles_iks@yahoo

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