Attn: Emeka (Chukwuemeka)

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    Dear Brother Emeka

    I remember that only a month ago you asked for the banning of another member, because she was rude, offensive, and disruptive. After your passionate appeal, Destee pointed out to you that others had made the same accusations about yourself, but she valued you and wanted to keep you around. You responded by saying that you were humbled by her support. However since then you have become even more disrespectful, insulting, and disruptive in your post towards other members (including some of your biggest supporters in the past). As a result of you behavior, It saddens me to inform you, that you have been banned from Destee's Community.

    With consideration of your daily participation, We have given you the option of returning in 2 weeks. If you decide to return, I hope that you can find the strength and respect to refrain from violating the rules. We extend our hand out to you! It is up to you to except our invitation by abiding by our rules.

    May all that you seek, bring forth Love and Light! I hope to see you on January 27, 2005!

    Sincerely Yours
    Brother PanAfrica