Black People : Attack the DAY!!!!


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Feb 26, 2008
Just a little tid bit to take with you with LOVE:

I am up till 3 or 4 most nights working the euro markets. Then I am up at 7 or so to get myself together. I have conditioned my mind and body to be ok with this. At 50, I do more than I did at 25 Okay eat something, do some sort of exercise, either pray or meditate. I visualize , but thats a personal choice. then revue your plan from the previous night for this day! I put on the international news on 1 tv and local news on another. Gotta know what is happening. Then After this.......... ATTACK the day!! Go full throttle when you have to, go half speed and SMART when you can. DO NOT SLEEP YOUR LIFE AWAY!!!!!!!!!! If you sleep a few hours less, do the math, you can add YEARS of awake time.

If you try this, it WORKS! You see, I have found the fountain of youth. It starts in the noggin and spirit and mindset! Physically, I have also found it. I am almost the same size i was in high school, and have more stamina then I did. Diet is very important>>>>>>>>>>> NO SLAVE FOOD! And last but not least...A healthy diet of GIANT people and laughter! I LMBAO all the time. I aint tellin you how to live, but try it.

P.S. Make some cuts from your team if it is deemed as needed!:getout:

"BIG thinkers think BIG thoughts!!!"


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