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    She lies atop white cotton sheets manipulating the ‘cology’ of her ‘gynae’
    Lying on her back stroking the outskirts of her [email protected]
    Tracing over her clitoral flesh and labia-majoral regions
    Making her [Censored] look as inviting, as summer fruit in its summer season
    As mesmerizing as are the words of a master hypnotist, such is the display -
    Of the lovely lady as she engages in digital and [email protected] play
    Softly [email protected] the outer reaches of her womanly wonders
    With finger motions – slow and sure – with little likely hood for blunders
    She pinches and pulls the petals of her rose and lets out a quite hiss
    Intermitted inserting her middle finder into her space of uterine bliss
    Motions that are in my face which I can not just simply dismiss
    So succulent are the lips of her p*ssy … I just want to give ‘em a kiss
    Past the point of salivating and my urges have long since reached cr!tical
    This visual tease is purposed and tempting, with a beginning that is pivotal -
    For making me want her more before we make our merge, soon
    Leading to love making that’ll put us to sleep until tomorrow afternoon

    She lies atop white cotton sheets, layered one atop the other
    Winding her body on the mattress, wrinkling the cotton covers
    Moving with an anxiety as would be exhibited by a nervous nun
    Stroking her pleasure pot just like she did in verse one
    She adds a level of intensity and excitement to her –already – arousing display
    Putting more animation into the thematic p*ssy play
    She moves from the simple touching of her ‘uterine shelf’
    She’s gone from simply stroking her p*ssy, to finger f*cking herself
    The pinching of p*ssy lips sends sounds of feminine whimpering down the halls
    She’s become fully engaged in pressing her cl!toris and pulsing her ‘sugar walls’
    Holding her [email protected], much like the cowboy holding the saddle of a bucking bull
    She rides a wave of erogenous spasms with each finger push and pull
    With the scrunch of her brow and the biting of her bottom lip
    She presses forward with the digital stimulation going on between her hips
    The smell of her p*ssy takes on a subtle yet different scent
    As she c*ms, and c*ms hard … her juices are spattered and spent

    She lies atop white cotton sheets with her fingers in her crotch
    She teases me and makes the simple request of having me watch
    Performing the kind of self-molestation wet dreams of made of
    Brining me to the brink of literal ejaculation … before we made love
    With fingers coated with the sheen of fresh [email protected] wetness
    She manipulates her digits … and riling herself restless
    As she hand-grinds her p*ssy and winds her hips
    Mashing her labium and clitoris with her finger tips
    While touching womanly places she’s making faces dramatic and ecstatic
    And at times her body movements become spastic and erratic
    Signs of orgasmic splendor that’s just around the bend
    Accompanied with the moans and groans that says she’s c*mming again
    I see her sprits like a splash of orange zest
    And the 'nut that she gets seems like the worlds best
    As she continues to indulge herself in [email protected] amenities
    Wetting herself … and uttering obscenities

    She lies atop white cotton sheets finger-f*cking herself through
    Bringing herself to the brink of moistening her flower with her orgasmic dew
    P*ssy lips that look like bacon … good enough to chew
    As I stand and watch at the door … I’m enjoying the view
    Her pelvis moves with the power of slow moving ocean waves
    Her fingers exploring the cavern of her caves
    As she pleasures herself with a certain unsaid sass
    I can smell the scent of her hot p*ssy … and her @ss
    “I’m almost ready for you daddy” she says in a tone, only she can
    Which makes more aroused and erect an already horny man
    Awestruck by the unfolding drama of up front female masturbation
    The stuff of exotic verse and erotic dissertation
    She sprits’ one more time, not in an ovation of pressing her luck
    But with the intensity of her orgasm causing her to say “Oh *****!”
    Then, with a eyes wide open she makes a demand, plain and pushy
    In a commanding - snarling tone she simply says “Come get this p*ssy”

    We lay atop white cotton sheets where individual passion begs
    With her thighs separated and my head in between her legs
    Putting my tongue to her [email protected], making her feel so high that she floats
    From an out of body perspective, I look like a horse eating out of a bag of oats
    Both of her @ss-cheeks with the palms of my hand and breaking her down like a puzzle
    With my face so deep into her p*ssy, it acts like a muzzle
    Bound by concupiscent acts atop the mattress, we’re stuck in place
    My tongue hits the right spot just below her clItoris, and she begins to ***** my face
    The bacon-like labium that I mentioned just one verse before
    I tongue them with passion while smothering my face with p*ssy galore
    Licking, chewing and gently biting her pleasure palace, causing her to shake
    I oppress and at times punish her p*ssy just to hear her hiss like a snake
    Nose open to the camel-toed pearl tongue, smearing her essence across my lips and chin
    I feel the warm ooze of her liquid love that makes her p*ssy grin
    And before long all I can smell is c**chie and the juices that she made
    Juicing her p*ssy like a lemon wedge … we made lemonade

    We lay atop white cotton sheets amidst the sighs and moans
    My fingers on her genders flesh, stroking her erogenous zones
    After feasting on vaginal cuisine as her grunts and groans did the talking
    It’s time for my digits to have fun … I let my fingers do the walking
    Inserting my longest finger in her well, making it slick
    I withdraw it and put it to her mouth so that she can take a lick
    She takes it in all the way to the knuckle before relaxing the suction
    Releasing my finger so that I can continue the digital induction
    I press her clitoral hood, mashing the flesh and what’s behind it
    Feeling the responsive movements of her pelvis, I replay and rewind it
    Replaying the stroking of her pouty lips – moist with a mix of saliva and orgasm
    Playing with her p*ssy as she grants me access to her grand chasm
    Going into the walls of her vulva in an effort to keep her hot
    I hit a mound of flesh inside of her commonly called the G-spot
    And I press and I stroke that part of her that feels so firm and fat
    As she exclaims “Oh ***** Baby, Keep Doing It, Just Like That … Like That!”

    We lay atop white cotton sheets … skinnin’ and grinnin’
    Indulging ourselves in fruitful attempts to stain the bed linen
    Prepared to put “my rod and my staff” in her woman-hood, and anxiously so
    I stand at the door of her vagina, and enter in … strong, nice and slow
    I go in to the limits of my p3nis, filling her cavity with my flesh
    Engaging in initial intercourse and an arousing copulatory mesh
    By this time love making is over as I take up residence in her puck
    We’ve since transitioned from the bouts of foreplay to an honest-to-goodness *****
    I mount her in the style of the missionaries so that I can look her in the eyes
    All the while, mixing up a rhythm and a groove in between her thighs
    That’s makes her nerve endings respond to the sexual kinetics that I supply
    And intermittently, time and again bring her to the point of making her p*ssy cry
    Switching positions every-so-often … not so concerned about the time
    Varying from the missionary to the doggie; cunnilingus and fellatio; even sixty nine
    And though the white cotton sheets are still cotton, and now seasoned with perspiration
    They’re not too white anymore, sprinkled with sweat, orgasm and ejaculation

    We lay atop white cotton sheets after stirring between a set of mellow hips
    Wearied and winded as a result of our multiple conjugal fellowships
    After having f*cked and sucked, and running amuck in and on one another
    She’s blanked on me like the lid on a pan fire to smother
    Heavy breathing after being engaged in seething sexual acts and incidents
    Finding ourselves caught in explicitly contextual escapades and sexual predicaments
    That would cause many a person to glare, gape and gawk -
    At acts that make us appreciative that the walls can’t talk
    Replaying flashbacks in our minds of the things that we’ve just done
    Things that caused us to grimace and grin … things that were so much fun
    Things that cause her to get her nut … time and again
    Things – that when I think about it – makes our current state of affairs a win-win
    If I smoked, I’d smoke a cigarette to commemorate a ***** well done
    We f*cked ourselves breathless in a contest where both of us won
    And now amidst the scent of hot p*ssy and *** … the smell of sexual sweets
    Here we lay, sexually exhausted … atop white cotton sheets

    Written by: K-JiO
    © 2009
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    Whew!....I should NOT have read this! (lol)

    But, I'll say this for ya.....You do some "White Cotton Sheets" some serious JUSTICE, literally and figuratively!
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    When I saw the name garlicsalt99, I knew I'd better get my coffee, eat, do my chores and cook before I start to read ya :lol: ...whew, I be, when I finish reading it, just, or more exhausted.
    Awesome as always, I enjoy your art to the upmost, thanks for sharing it :toast:
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    whiplash this was hot
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    Cherryblossom ... yes you should have read this ... lol

    Queentswana ... I'm touched that you consider my writing style an art

    $RICH$ ... I'm always glad to hear from you

    Thank you all for the read. I bow to your accolades.
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    After that, I'm a have to change my sheets.......