Black People : Atlanta - OverHyped and Overrated.


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Mar 10, 2004
ATL SHAWTY! Mr. Coli Park
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Does anyone on the forum not really like Atlanta?

I have been here for about 5 months and I am ready to move. I am looking to move to California or abroad.

Atlanta is just not all that special as people make it seem to be, I guess I should have come through in the 90's.

If anyone has the hookup with moving to California let me know!!!! :horse:

Son of RA

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Jun 14, 2005
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Hey bro just a word of advice stay away from Klanifornia. I visit then I jet like a 757 after a couple of days. Your best move is to go abroad or stay in the Black mecca. Yea Klanifornia has beaches and descent climate but that is all it has to offer. If you can put up with the Hoewood (hollywood) mentality (especially in southern klanifornia) then you would do good in Klanifornia. Keep your family in a Black environment. (note: it is Black for now but will not be for long). Most of our people look at the videos and hear the music (Snoop etc) and think Long Beach, South central, etc is Black no it is now inhabited by the new white sub-groups/ buffer groups / puppets (hispanics and also asians) in this racial pecking order and they are eager to prove their loyalty to white america (WASP and Zionists) who allow them into this country. Stay in the Black mecca. I know it is dry but what would you rather have: a dry stale piece of bread (Atlanta) or a dry turd (Klanifornia)?


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Jan 11, 2008
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yes, water is a necessity

Yeah, that was the first concern i had, that kept me from making a major move. A few years ago, I read there was a water shortage, and when I looked at the google map, there didn't seem to be a decent body of water, and even though Alberta's dry it seems to have better rivers and rainfall.

You're always welcome to come to the coast of Canada! Montreal is an island, with plenty of Caribs and other Black varieties... speaking French will come in time. Or there's British Columbia, not the population of Black folks but lots and lots of water! Oh, wait, too darn cold to surf. :qqb013:

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