Black People : Atlanta Mayor To Give 1/2 sq. Mile of Public Land to Tyler Perry on Fake Job Claims, No Public Input

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    by Bruce A. Dixon

    Last year in Black Agenda Report, we talked about near-billionaire former NBA star Junior
    , who owns more than a hundred Applebees and Wendys restaurants, and spends
    millions each year lobbying Congress and state legislatures to keep his workers' wages nice
    and low. There's Earvin “Magic” Johnson, who's a major partner in Sodexo, a firm that
    privatizes food service in prisons, public schools and charter schools, and janitorial service in
    schools as well, making tens of millions a year relentlessly cutting jobs, wages and quality of
    service. And in Atlanta, there's Tyler Perry.

    Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed is trying to rush through a deal with as little public scrutiny or
    input as possible that will give Tyler Perry more than a half square mile of public land – 331
    prime acres of former military base less than four miles from downtown Atlanta, for a mere
    $30 million, to build new production studios and whatever else he might want to do. If
    Atlanta doesn't hurry up and and give Perry this land, Reed says, Perry might take the 8,000
    new jobs he claims his studio might create somewhere else, like neighboring Douglass county
    where Perry reportedly owns more than 1,000 acres. Never mind the fact that Perry's existing
    Atlanta studios have been sketchily constructed and maintained, and had little or no positive
    economic impact on their surrounding neighborhood.

    Atlanta mayors have a tradition of lying about how many jobs will be created when they give

    public resources and land to their friends.

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