Black Poetry : Athletic cute engage in energetic pursuits some wanna charge their lifestyle so its strange but nice and wild and become more active and soar attracti


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May 11, 2006
**** Athletic cute
engage in energetic pursuits
some wanna charge their lifestyle
so its strange but nice and wild
and become more active
and soar attractive
see a girl
that be in this world
pie crust number one
something must be done
rap to her trust me its fun
witty and graphic
like city traffic
has yellow sweaty thighs
lemon flavor ready for pies
she knew things
and he's wearing true bling
ready to annoint a crew
with point of view
“SO BOO you rap good
and perhaps we should
go on a date,”
NAW PLAYER: forget that
if she say no
a halo
may appear around
her head as you turn hound
this type rhyme
is like wine
it has a fruity taste
before he grab a cutie waist
so today in a way in which
things are done could make a boy itch
for bling and some well she better close
no doubt her hips round
and she'll be out of town
tonight shook
felt like her flights were booked
then looked her dress is down
by boys oh her panties were hot a lot
a boy walks up she's too hot to trot
“LOOK BOO got a drop top on brisk gravel
girl do you wish to travel
from one page to the next
boys be amazed about sex
in the car parked yo
looking at the new art show
it be right
with delight
really enjoyed it
got a gift and its bless
and boys try lift her dress
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May 11, 2006
**** and boys try lift my dress
“LOOK BOO got brave plan
and like a cave man
make tools out of stone
while you go to school then you home
come up with the greatest passions quick
looking at the latest fashions for a chick
hotter on the microphones
with the proper tone
to blast stages
while outcasts rages in Hip Hop
cigarettes were in a flip top
box but now in packs a lot
like a dinner table
he enter and able
to have a hungry look
but lonely and shook
need a girlfriend
proceed as squirrel then
but need a nut
this required a lame attitude
got tired of the same food
went to IHOP for pancakes
her affairs are handle right
and like candlelight
they sparkle at night
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May 11, 2006
**** they sparkle at night
like the shine of jewelry
this affair is divine fury
write sincere
but like a deer
come into view of hunters
but in foot-ball need true punters
got time in as a number one stunner
production by the load
is like the construction of a road
deal with asphalt
reveals a fast walk
on a highway
but try stay
in my lane
stupidity not the blame
can view the park
and get a brand new start
on love affair, from the heart
flow well with breasts
and like hotel guests
amused with witty conversations
used to involve city domination
like a comedian on stage
steady steam of jokes amaze
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