Black Spirituality Religion : Atheists versus Theists

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    "...The religions of the world may be divided into two main types: namely the natural and the supernatural, or Atheists and the Theistic. The great Western cults such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam are theistic, since they are founded on the belief in a personal God. The great Eastern cults such as Buddhism, Confucianism, and Theosophy are Atheistic religions, since they are not based on the belief in a personal GOD. The theological God is personal, whereas the metaphysical GOD is non personal.."

    page 211, "Christianity Before Christ" by John G. Jackson

    PS I prefer the origin of the source and "The Mother of All the 'Children' Religions" -- That which came out of the minds of The Perfect Black Ancient Egyptians.

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    The atheists believe the logical conclusions based on practical experience and in things present before the naked eye (perception). The real spiritual knowledge can satisfy all these requirements. The human incarnation of the God is before the eyes. All the bonds with family and wealth are before the eyes and liberation from such bonds called salvation is also before eyes. One can experience God through the human incarnation in this world itself and in this very life itself. Infinite love and bliss derived from the special divine knowledge preached by the human incarnation are enjoyed here itself. Enjoyment of love and bliss is the goal of any worldly bond. This is called Jeevanmukti, which means the salvation here itself while you are alive. Whatever one achieved while alive only, continues with the soul after the death also. Thus perception is the basis for the invisible future also.