Black Spirituality Religion : Atheists say that there is no hell, heaven

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    Atheists say that there is no hell, heaven

    Atheists do not believe in hell, - heaven and abode of God.
    The souls will return from hell and heaven, – not from God.
    For mere social service – God created temporary heaven.
    On the earth the soul is given - opportunity to develop itself.
    By social service it may go to – heaven for some time,
    Or it may reach permanent – abode of God by selecting
    God in human form here, - freedom is given to soul.
    God does not want to disturb – the soul on this earth
    By giving punishments constantly, - earth is not hell.
    The soul is engaged in effort – with free opportunity here.

    Hence, the punishments for the soul – are reserved in hell.
    Similarly heavenly luxuries – may divert the soul here
    From the possible efforts – for trying for Nivrutti in this life.
    Hence, luxuries are postponed – to heaven after death.
    The abode of God as - upper most world is also required,
    Because for the souls - in energetic bodies after death,
    A separate world with God – in energetic body is required, so that
    The liberated soul by Nivrutti – is constantly associated with God.
    Such soul assists the Lord here – by coming in material body again.

    Atheists say that today – rockets have gone even to moon, hence,
    There is no hell, heaven and – the abode of God in the space.
    But scientists say that space is infinite – no rocket has gone
    Up to the boundary of space – to say that space ends there.
    Did you show compound wall – along the boundary of space?
    If there is a compound wall, - what is present after that wall?
    The space is infinite and – you have not shown absence of
    Hell, heaven and abode of God – by showing the limits of space.
    Of course, we have not shown to you – their presence also.
    There is fifty-fifty probability – for absence and existence.

    Let us assume their absence – what is the loss for me,
    If I believed their presence – and acted accordingly?
    I might not have enjoyed luxuries – like an atheist here,
    Due to that my health and – mental peace are conserved well.
    Let us assume their presence, - what will be your fate? Think.

    You will be powdered in hell, - here also due to over luxuries
    You have lost health and peace, - loss here as well as there.
    Unimaginable miracles are seen – unimaginable events in life give
    The experience of unimaginable God, - better to believe,
    Even by logic of probability, – which is scientific concept.
    Even the infinite space of cosmos – is a standing example for
    The existence of unimaginable – nature, this is cosmic vision
    Shown by Krishna to Arjuna, – it is miracle for any one to see.
    Such belief in God by probability – is a partial faith only,
    But it is better than no faith – of atheism assisted by science.
    The full faith alone gives – the final eternal divine fruit.
    The above partial faith – should slowly result in full faith.