Black Spirituality Religion : Atheists’ lawsuit is financial setback for National Baptist Convention

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    Atheists’ lawsuit is financial setback for National Baptist Convention
    An atheist group’s lawsuit has halted plans to provide $65,000 in Kansas City taxpayer dollars for September’s National Baptist Convention in Kansas City

    ... Miles had been counting on a $65,000 grant from Kansas City tourism tax dollars for the National Baptist Convention in Kansas City, Sept. 5-9.

    It’s one of Kansas City’s top five conventions for 2016, and the City Council approved the grant in April to Miles’ nonprofit social services organization, Modest Miles Ministry. The money was intended to shuttle conventioneers to and from their hotels and Bartle Hall.

    But in late July, American Atheists Inc. and two members who live in Kansas City filed a lawsuit in federal court, arguing any such funding would violate Missouri’s Constitution, which prohibits public taxpayer aid for religious purposes ...

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    The Rev. John Modest Miles, a Kansas City Baptist minister, has been losing sleep ever since a group of atheists filed a lawsuit in July. File photo