I agree that women must accept their part of the blame, but men have to shoulder the same amount of blame too. Don't you think blanket statements such as most women aren't wife material would be insensitive and wrong. I mean by their logic most men aren't husband material either, so we're stuck in the abyss. :swim:

kente417mojo said:
I wouldn't call it venom. I just get tired of women complaining about problems they helped to create.
kente417mojo said:
I wouldn't call it venom. I just get tired of women complaining about problems they helped to create.

((Rudly Interrupting)) SORRY!

Baba Kente - I was wondering where you were. How have you been brotha?


((Back to the Thread))
Didn't mean to mess your thread up Queen Heart; I should know better!LOL!)
kente417mojo said:
Like I've always said, if women had as much to lose in marriage and divorce as men did, they would not be so quick to jump in head first. The fact is, divorce is a reality of marriage and some men want no part of the aftermath. No one has been able to name one thing that benefits a man when he gets married? How does his life improve? Men aren't as dumb as women think. We do think about these things and that's why many men opt out. I thiink if women "need" to be married, they should look for men that "want" to be married. Problem is women choose men that show no interest in marriage, then they get mad when they can't convince him to change his ways. Then they start asking these questions. Plus, we need to be realistic. A lot of women want to be married, but they don't want to be wives. They want to dress, act and present themselves as though they are still on the market, but they like the fact that they have a man to go home to. Women in this day and age are not fit to be married generally. There are some exceptions, but in my guys dug your own hole and now you're wondering why no one wants to lay in it with you.

Brother you seem bitter at the wrong woman .
I didn't do it:smooch:
I will agree that some women are in love with the idea of marriage and not the work or loyalty it takes to keep it together.
I have a friend like that.
You said men don't benefit from marriage, since when?
You make it seem like you're going to the electric chair:confused:


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