Black Short Stories : At the Table: part 2 of all praises are due

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    AT THE TABLE: Part 2 of All Praises are due….

    By Andre Austin

    An miraculous event took place at Cook County Hospital for Louie. He took on the battle of cancer like God took on evil symbolizing light vs. darkness. The Arab doctors beamed high voltage x-ray light up through Louie’s rectum and was able to kill the cancer before it spread to vital organs like the liver. Cooldre came to visit Louie the day he was to be discharged. Louie was coming out of the restroom, finishing his touch up of dark and lovely hair dye. The Arab doctor walked in…

    Doctor Mustafa: Well I see you’re looking young again. Your back looking like a Raisin head before you check into the hospital. (Raisin head is an affectionate nickname Arabs like to call Africans since the days of Prophet Muhammad).

    Louis: I want to thank you Doctor Mustafa for saving my life. If it would have been any Jewish doctors in here I would have been long dead. They would have pulled the plug. I thank you once again.

    Doctor Mustafa: All thanks and praises are due to Allah. Our staff here at Cook County hospital are blind to political and religious affiliation. All patients are just patients from which we will save all human life.

    Cooldre: You have spent a lot of time and money in this hospital. Meanwhile, my hopes of changing you from being a Super-apostle of hate and anti-semeticism have been just like Lorraine Hansberry and Langston Hughes vision of the Raisin in the sun.

    Louis: Can you explain this in more detail.

    Cooldre: Well the Arab doctor nicknamed you Raisin head and I started thinking about the play and the poem. Some of it in reverse and some of it directly.

    Louis: I have a good memory of the play was based on a Chicago family that wasn’t welcomed in a white neighborhood and the poem went in part like this:

    “What happens to a dream deferred?

    Does it dry up?

    Like a raisin in the sun?

    Or fester like a sore-

    And then run

    Cooldre: Yes that’s it but did you know that I speculate Langston received his inspirations from Proverbs 13:12 “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life”. Hopes and dreams are visions we have for a better future like the one King had.

    Louis: King had no vision and that’s why he died

    Cooldre: You just didn’t like the vision of integration of the races on all levels. You see you made at the International Jew because he’s international and united and form trading of buying and selling with all races while you want to confine yourself within people of color. We need a rainbow to get the gold.

    Louis: well you keep your hopes up because God isn’t a man that change (Numbers 23:19)

    Cooldre: I’m still keeping High Hopes on you Louie. Look at your neighbor President Obama who swept through Chicago with the hope and change just like your first and last Black Mayor Washington. I thought Obama stole his slogan when he ran of:

    “Fired up

    Not going to take it no more

    Fired up

    And ready to go

    He said he stole it from an old white lady from another state but what a striking coincidence. I want to see you change from an Apostle of Hate transform into something that’s great. Louis let me tell you whoever debases others is debasing himself. And your war with the Jews have been going on for too long. They are not our problem, our problem is us.

    Louis: Because I’m in a good mood and my successful operation I think I can let the little brother come over and visit me at my palace.

    Cooldre: I will be coming in the spirit of James Baldwin who sat at the table at Elijah’s Muhammad (EM) house back in the 1960’s after his dialogue with Malcolm X. EM gave Baldwin two glasses of milk, chocolate milk because they were against white milk. The milk was good until a white butterfly tried to get in it and integrate it.

    Louis: I see you got some jokes. Jokie joke (ha, ha, ha)

    Cooldre: And just as a side note dairy products in ancient Egypt was reserved for priests only. EM wanted to talk to Baldwin because he felt he wasn’t yet brainwashed. Eldridge Cleaver, a late Black panther wrote his famous Soul On Ice. One of his essays was a literary lampoon on Baldwin’s sex life. But Baldwin survives that death blow in ink and cleaver would later apologize for it.

    Louis: I hope you’re not coming to my house just to get something to eat. I heard you were diabetic so I’m taking all the sugar out of the house.

    Cooldre: Hide al, the sugar as long as I get to eat me a bean pie I’m straight. Diabetes is sweeping through the Ghetto’s and even white America. I even heard EM had it and died from it as secondary and third causes. The main thing is to try to stay away from pop which is loaded with sugar and drugs.

    Louis: You just make sure you eat everything on your plate. There are people starving in China.

    Cooldre: People starving everywhere. But I come in peace. You invited Arthur J . Magida over to your house so he could write the book Prophet of Rage. He wrote that the founder of the NOI Farad admitted to the Detroit police that his pseudo-Islamic religion was created as a racket. He then said EM had the IQ of 70-79 and mental age of 11 and I have to beg to come to your crib knowing I’m a writer too.

    Louis: Okay, Okay I said you’re invited. I’m hereby summoned you into my royal mansion tomorrow night at 7pm.


    Knocking on the door. As Louie walks up to the door citing biblical passages: whomever knocks let him in. Welcome to my home dre.Where is your friend Hymie at? I left him in the first part of the story and in the autobiography of Malcolm X.

    Louis: Well that’s good you left the Jew at home where he should be. I had a bad run in with Magida over The Prophet of Rage trash book and I surely don’t want to repeat it. Besides we are having Lobster and crab.

    Cooldre: I love Lobster but hate cracking the shell. The food will be all cold before I can dip it into the butter spending all that time opening them.

    Louie: Well you know the Jew is not the Jew because they do not want to do what God do. I brought lobster and crab just in case you brought in the Jew hymie because a real Orthodox Jew can’t eat them because they crept and do not swim in the sea according to (Leviticus 11:42)

    Cooldre: God dang you got this racism down to a core. Hate white folks so much you can’t even drink white milk.

    Louie: actually I’m lactose intolerant.

    Coodre: Well be that as it may let’s get down to the business at hand. Where were you the afternoon of February 21, 1965?

    Louie: I was at the New Jersey Mosque on rotation because they didn’t have an available minister.

    Cooldre: What a dark coincidence because that’s where the hit men came from to take Malcolm X out in New York.

    (While eating our food Ava was playing Herbie Hancock jazz hit “butterfly”. Name for women because when you touch a butterfly some of its substance is left on the toucher)

    Louis: I hope you are not thinking you got me on trial or something with this type of inquisition.

    Cooldre: no more of a trial or inquisition you had with your play Orgena the word Negro spelled backwards. Those that judge are themselves judged. Speaking on the play Orgena wasn’t it not Tynetta who came up with the idea but you had made the content.

    Cooldre: well you lied to EM four times when he asked you about it. And I thought your mama whipped you into loving the truth. Now if you would lie about something like that you would steal then you would kill people like Malcolm X who robbed you of your music career?

    Louis: That is a deduction of slopes I haven’t ventured down.

    (Louis is starting to sweat and hands shake)

    Cooldre: Well we will see before this dinner is over. Before Malcolm X left the nation in 1964 you were Godfather of all his four daughters Attilah, Qubilah, Ilyasah and Amilah.

    Louis: I was their Godfathers

    Cooldre: But not anymore. Hold up a minute. Do you mind if I get some ice out of the refrigerator for my Tea.

    Louis: Go right ahead

    ( Cooldre is getting some Ice and for the rumor that Farrakhan keeps a secret compartment in the ice box for pig’s feet and chitterlings. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to confirm the rumor)

    Cooldre: You know Louis I have a big problem with you being the Godfather of Malcolm X’s kids and you informing EM that Malcolm X had learned that all the secretaries he recommended to work for him were all having sex. Two of these secretaries were Malcolm X’s past girlfriends. The others were teenagers. Louis you already heard this from other people but you didn’t run to EM about it. So why did you run with it being a “little brother” and godfather of X’s kids. If I was the godfather I wouldn’t have put X in jeopardy unless you were pretending to be a godfather until you could advance yourself.

    Louis: EM was the father I never had

    Cooldre: But X was the brother you always wanted, parroted his speeches but resented for ruining your music career

    Louis: You got it all wrong later on this year I will be releasing an album featuring Snoop-dog/lion Stephanie Mills and others

    Cooldre: Did you allude to past resentment of your music career when you wrote that Malcolm x should face the music.

    Louis: No. Although I loved playing in the night clubs. Women offered me money to have sex with them but I kept the faith with my wife.

    Cooldre: Well something went wrong. This wasn’t the case about the chickens coming home to roost on JFK assassination. Even you had crude comments about MLK’s death.

    Louis death comes to those who have a vision of integration with the Whiteman who doesn’t submit to Islam. If they want peace then submit to Islam because it goes hand and hand.

    Cooldre: We shall see about that a little later. Qubilah, the daughter of Malcolm X was the girlfriend of a white, Jewish FBI informant got her to pay money to have Farrakhan killed back in 1994/5. Why would she want to do this if your hands were clean of this hit?

    Louis: If she truly believed I did it she would have tried to kill me herself. Her mother Betty Shabazz and I hosted a benefit to free Qubilah in May of 1995 on the eve of the Million Man March (MMM) in 1995 and Betty Shabazz attended the event.

    Cooldre: People pay other people all the time. Mafia figures pay people to kill people who have harmed their family members. So what Betty Shabazz attended the MMM it wasn’t because of you. Ilyasah who is named after Elijah and wrote a book. And she said “In 1995 my mother attended the Million Man March. She went not because of Minister Farrakhan but because of the stated goal of the march-men uniting in pride and commitment to their families”. She also said this dark comment: “whatever the truth about my father’s death, there was something about Mr. Farrakhan I did not want to associate with”. Stop saying FBI how about FOI

    (At this moment sister Ava stops pouring coffee for Louis)

    Ava: You better watch how you talk to the minister.

    Cooldre: I know you know people

    Ava: we are the peoples. God will have you disappear from the planet without a trace

    Cooldre: I believe you, I know that I’m walking on thin ice. I’ve read about hookers who walked up and down at your Mosque at night that ended up disappearing. They were Black Muslim females because they are not allowed to walk the streets at night. I’m also aware of Malcolm X telling Ebony magazine in 1964 that the Black Muslims have “got to kill me. They can’t afford to let me live…I know where the bodies are buried. And if they press me, I’ll exhume some”.

    Louis: I know of no bodies, and if I did I’m not telling any nosy wanna be journalist like you.

    Cooldre: Don’t change the subject. Just because someone attends a public gathering with you doesn’t mean they are down with your program. You only held the MMM because in 1993 on the 40 year anniversary of King’s march on Washington you were invited then disinvited. You wanted to prove you could be bigger and better than the 1963 event. Now back to the daughters of Malcolm X. Malcolm named many of his daughters after leaders who fought and killed in revolutions. Attallah was named after Attilah the Hun (who sacked Rome) Qubilah was a pun on Qiblah, the place toward which the Muslims turn their face in prayer had been Jerusalem. The Jews imagined that the choice implied a leaning toward Judaism and that the prophet stood in need of their instruction. He received command to change Qiblah from Jerusalem to the Ka’bah.

    Louis: No my brother I was Qubilah godfather and she was named after Kublai Khan a Mongol king from 1260-1294.

    Cooldre: I’m sorry I stand corrected

    Ava: You should stay out of Min. Farrakhan controversy with the Jews before something happens to you. With all of your playwriting and poems. You know Prophet Muhammad didn’t like poets or poetry. He hated painters and said they will be in hell. A clever woman poet satirized Muhammad and she was slain asleep with her child on her breast. Muhammad then praised her murderer.

    Cooldre: That would be just like Louis hiring some of the killers of Malcolm X to work in his temples?

    Ava: Sleep lightly

    Louis: Poetry is music and I love music. Here have some more crab salad. Now Malcolm X was thinking he was the number 1 man when Elijah was number 1. His two ex-girlfriends having sex with Elijah really troubled him. If it wasn’t for him asking the Detroit native Betty Sanders (Shabazz) to marry him she would have been working for him also. He asked her to marry him over the telephone then married him 48 hours later in Lansing, Michigan

    Cooldre: Well that’s only 30 miles from where I live in Jackson, Michigan. My grandfather was born the same year as Malcolm X and he remembers bumping into him up in Lansing where he worked in a factory. Malcolm even had a girlfriend in Jackson. I believe her name was Zolma Holman. So why did EM silence Malcolm X?

    Louis: to protect him from the Catholics and other white people who loved President Kennedy. In addition EM wanted members of the NOI who were in prison to be persecuted for the silly comments that Malcolm X had made. He refused to remain silent so his 90 day silence was extended.

    Cooldre: This wasn’t about the protection of Malcolm. You guys were gonna make Malcolm wash dishes in your restaurant. Before Malcolm X left the nation they were planning to wire his car with a bomb. Malcolm X was responsible for the meteoric rise of the Nation. When Malcolm got out of prison Betty Shabazz said the NOI was an old folk’s home with few members. So I ask the question that no one stops betting on a winning horse unless something is wrong or you have another work horse. They didn’t boot Malcolm X out permanently until after he delivered the black stallion horse of Muhammad Ali (clay). After Ali won the heavy weight championship against Liston they had their new horse, their musician Louis X (Farrakhan) and blood legacy of Wallace, his son. Malcolm X failed to recruit all three to the MMI and OAAU. And he failed to protect his life.

    Louis: there’s a cancer growing on at Mosque marriame

    Cooldre: And the drama unfolded in this manner. EM wasn’t the lights to go out on Malcolm X before Savors day 1965 which is between February 23-26. An FBI informant said a general announcement had gone out to the FOI that Malcolm X should be attacked on sight. A week later, Louis wrote in Muhammad Speaks that Malcolm would not escape vengeance. He invited Malcolm to picture his own head rolling along the sidewalk. And in January, yet another article in Muhammad speaks predicted that 1965 would be “a year in which the most outspoken opponents of the honorable EM will sink into ignoble silence”. Then the FBI recorded EM saying over the phone that Malcolm X was a long-legged hypocrite and it was time to close his eyes. Did you have to consult a Seer like you did in the 1970’s to see if you would succeed EM, to know that Malcolm X would be silence with the bullet, or did you have insider knowledge.

    Louis: First let me say those tapes may have been voice imitators. I knew who wasn’t involved but didn’t who was involved.

    Cooldre: Well EM statements and yours match right up with the Koran:

    “Their similitude (Hypocrite) is that of a man

    Who kindled a fire?

    When it lighted all around him

    God took away their light

    And left them in utter darkness

    So they could not see

    Deaf, dumb (can’t speak), and blind

    ” Koran 2:17

    That’s what happened when his house was firebombed and then smoke bombs thrown in the Aubobon room just before he was shot down. The only man caught at the scene was Talmadge Hayer with the gun in his hand. Minister Farrakhan what do you know about Black magic?

    Louis: Very little

    Cooldre: Well you seemed to have insulted my deceased Great Uncle Red who passed on your birthday last year. Way back in 1983 Gill Noble from the “Like it is” program had two assistants to Malcolm X Earl grant and Robert haggins who took pictures and archived his records said one of Malcolm X shooters Talmadge Hayer ran out of the Audubon room looking like a Zombie. He looked hypnotized or high on drugs.

    Louis: well you need to look into the FBI/CIA who uses mind control methods. Have you ever seen the film the Manchurian candidate?

    Cooldre: Let’s drop the FBI/CIA thing. I don’t fear the FBI. There is three people I don’t mess with and that’s the FOI. And they act like the IRS Intimidate, Ridicule and silence. But at this point I’m leaving off the assassination and get into other aspects of Malcolm’s life, Muhammad and your controversies with the Jews. Malcolm X transformed himself from Satan to a saint. Many of you guys owe your lives to Malcolm. He was no longer dangerous he was generous. Harlem’s number 1 gangster from the 1930’s to 1968 was Bumpy Johnson who was friends with Malcolm X. He told Malcolm to give him a call if he needed help with the Zealots in the NOI. Other people from the Underworld too offered their assistance. You guys wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for him being generous with your lives. People only know that Frank Lucas rose after Johnson died. Bumpy was in prison with Al Capone in Alcatraz back in the 1930’s just for a brief time. Be glad Malcolm didn’t make that phone call, unlike the word that was given by EM.

    Louis: The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit” Proverbs 18:21

    Cooldre: Well did you know the Jews copied this from Egyptian gods of Shu and tefnut the principles of life and moral order the symbolized by the daughter Order you shall eat in their coffin Text 80. The Jews didn’t recognize them by their god names so just called them Tree’s and fruit in Genesis. Elijah Muhammad Jr. had said he wanted X’s tongue cut out and sent to his father’s house. Malcolm was true of voice and his heart would have passed the balance scales in Egypt or elsewhere.

    Louis: Malcolm was a good man didn’t chew gum ate one meal a day.

    Cooldre: while he was in prison he read all the books in the library. In the Autobiography it states that he debated other inmates on the true identity of Shakespeare. He debunked the idea that Francis Bacon ghost wrote some of the plays.

    Louis: I’ve read some of your articles about Amelia Bassano Lanier wrote some of Shakespeare plays. She was Jewish?

    Cooldre: Well yes and she had some black mixed up in her family tree. She had to keep it a secret or she would have been kicked out of England at that time like many other European countries. Variations of her name appears more than any other women in the so-called Shakespeare plays.

    Louis: Unlike Europe the Jews had come to seek in the land of Arab countries asylum from the persecution of the Romans.

    Cooldre: Malcolm X read on freemasonry and the Dead Sea Scrolls. He wrongly thought the people who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls were brotherhood of Egyptian seers he thought were Essene. The Essene didn’t believe in body resurrection. The Dead Sea Scrolls were a library representing several Jewish sects which honored the Maccabees who fought the Greek and Romans and were no passive like the ones appearing in the NT.

    Ava: We have to wrap this up because the minister has other business to attend too.

    Cooldre: Okay I will bring it close to an end. Minister Farrakhan, Brother X was your big brother and with you being so ultra-homophobic you didn’t detect that Malcolm X was bi-sexual.

    Louis: I didn’t know. And where are your witnesses

    Cooldre: You don’t need witnesses to accuse people of being gay even though the Korans says all sex crimes have to bring 2-4 witnesses. You don’t follow the koranic law. You could be whipped in public for it. Or bring your mother out of the grave to do it to bend you back to the truth.

    Louis: Stop talking about my mama

    Cooldre: Stop Lying. Stop making Jews and gays scapegoats of society.

    Louis: I’m just telling it like it is-the truth.

    Cooldre: yeah right if you say so.

    Louis: I’m telling you I didn’t know Malcolm little was Bi-sexual

    Cooldre: Well here are some witnesses. Bruce Perry wrote a book and confirm x’s sexuality, his army records said he was sexual perverse. Karl Evanzz wrote a book and said: “When he needed money desperately allowed punks and **** to perform fellatio on him”. Okay then there is manning Marable said he had sex with an old white man in his book. I got my 4 witnesses. And you accuse people with no witnesses. Now you stand accuse of Anti-Semitism from which 90 senators signed a resolution to that effect-bam. Plus I did some nosy investigation on my own would you like to read my essay?

    Louis: no but yes go ahead and lays it on me.


    Did Malcolm X edit himself out of homosexual acts from his oral testimony to Alex Haley’s The Autobiography of Malcolm X (AOM). Malcolm only went as far as to blame himself for turning Laura into a lesbian because he mistreated her (AOM p.72). Was there a correlation with a letter X wrote complaining he couldn’t keep up and satisfy Betty sexually?

    Malcolm X in AOM outlined some of the sexual perversion of his associates while editing himself out. After I finish quoting Mr. X from his book I will submit witness statements from former friends of Malcolm to expand on his topic for a total context. We first begin with one of X’s crime partners Rudy from AOM on p.143.

    “Rudy’s mother was Italian, his father was a Negro. He was born right here in Boston, a short, light fellow, a pretty boy type”. (In a speech called Prospect for Freedom in 1965 X called also “Robert pretty Boy Kennedy). Rudy worked regularly for an employment agency that sent him to wait on tables at exclusive parties. He had a side deal going, a hustle that took me right back to the old steering days in Harlem”. (Speaking of steering, Spike in his book said Malcolm “wasn’t a pimp, but a steerer” By any means necessary p.123) Once a week, Rudy went to the home of this old, rich Boston blueblood, pillar-of-society aristocrat. He paid Rudy to undress them both, then pick up the old man like a baby, lay him on his bed, then stand over him and sprinkle him all over with talcum powder” (A substance X is accused of using on Males). Rudy said the old man would actually reach his climax from that”.

    “I told him and Shorty about some of the things I’d seen. Rudy said that as far as he knew, Boston had no organized specialty sex houses just individual rich whites who had their private specialty desires catered to by Negroes who came to their homes camouflaged as chauffeurs, maids, waiters, or some other accepted image” (Why did X leave out Butler?) just as in New York, these were the rich, the highest society-the predominantly old men, past the age of ability to conduct any kind of ordinary sex, always hunting for new ways to be “sensitive”.

    Rudy, I remember, spoke of one old white man who paid a Black couple to let him watch them have intercourse on his bed”.

    Maybe the real reason left out the word Butler was due to him working as a butler to a wealthy Boston bachelor, William Paul Lennon. According to Malcolm’s sidekick Malcolm Jarvis, X was paid to sprinkle Lennon with talcum powder to bring Lennon to an orgasm. Two of Malcolm’s friends from Michigan remember bumping into him at the YMCA where Malcolm bragged he earned money servicing “Queers” (Http:// afronetizen.blogs retrieved 6/3/2005).

    Just what did this servicing of queers entail. “On occasion, when he needed money desperately, Malcolm allowed the men he called punks or **** to perform fellatio on him” (The Judas Factor (1992) by Karl Evanzz p.8). The evidence is in and it appears that the same thing X talked about of others he was doing himself. We have at least three witnesses to support the claim of him being bisexual. Did Jesus not say: “Every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses” (Matthew 18:16). It doesn’t matter what Malcolm sexual delights were because he was a man, a symbol of our manhood. Abraham Lincoln wore dresses and slept with another man. Mrs. King, the wife of Coretta Scott-King had once said: “Malcolm X had deep respect for Martin; he recognized that he knew Martin was unique, not alone in talent or eloquence, but in fearlessness and courage. Malcolm admired manhood and he knew how supremely Martin exemplified it” (My life with MLK (1969)p.240) Martin was comfortable in his own skin that he had a friend Bayard Rustin who was gay.

    Malcolm has left his a seed. 6 beautiful daughters. His seed has taken many angles and forms. He inspired Alex Haley to write Roots which influenced millions of Blacks to study their heritage. There wasn’t too many leaders like X who could close down a drug house and tell teenage gamblers to stop and go to a museum or library.

    Spike Lee opened up new dimensions to Malcolm X with the release of his movie in 1992. The movie was based on a screenplay by James Baldwin a gay writer and civil rights supporter. All of people who are anti-gay would you not go see a movie that was written by a gay guy? All of this towards gay people should come to a stop. I’m not gay but I do think that gay people should have Civil Rights just like everybody else. If Martin L King could have a gay friend you can too.


    Malcolm also states that all his time in Harlem he never saw a white prostitute touched by a Whiteman (AOM p.123) Malcolm steered white women by being put in contact with a white lesbian madam. This madam supplied negro males on order to well to do white women” (AOM p.123)

    2. According to the nephew of Malcolm X Rodnell Collins: “Some aspects of his (X) street life in Boston and Harlem, including a business deal he and Malcolm Jarvis had with an elderly, wealthy white millionaire named Paul Lennon[born 1888], who would pay them to rub powder over his body”- Seventh Child (1998) p.76. So it does appear X wrote himself out of this act in his own book. Why write yourself away from this if nothing went on besides rubbing powder on a dirty old man.

    3. Manning Marable wrote: based on circumstantial but strong evidence, Malcolm was probably describing his own homosexual encounters with Paul Lennon, who employed male secretaries. Malcolm X a life of Reinvention (2011) p.65-66. Also when X was in prison he believed Lennon could get his sentence reduced and provide housing for him.

    Louis: This was a long toilet paper read.

    Cooldre: Hey I’m not the one swimming with Jewish gutter on my tongue man. But this isn’t all of it. As I looked back into the file of who was all in the burglary team I see. His friend Bea, her sister Joyce

    Cargulian, Sonny Brown, Kora Marderosian and Malcolm Jarvis who is Shorty in the Autobiography. I then read the Autobiography again and a light bulb went on: Who in the hell is Rudy. Well you know Malcolm X was an expert at reading the dictionary as a supreme philologist. Rudy is another name for Red. X said “Once a week Rudy went to the home of this old, rich Boston blueblood. He paid Rudy to undress them both”. Recall the old Little Richard who sung Tootie fruity on Rudy. I might be right or might be wrong but Rudy may be a pun on Malcolm’s nickname of Red. It would be the same as reading the ancient biography of Suetonius on “The lives of the Twelve Caesars” who wrote about Domitian with many details matching him up with the Red dragon in the book of Revelations. Suetonius said: “Domitian had a ruddy completion”. I’m waiting on Joseph Atwill to release his new book “the Single strand” to expand on it.

    Louis: Curiosity sometimes gets the cat killed

    Cooldre: I’m sorry the cat doesn’t have my tongue.

    Louis: Remember I said the tongue has power over life and death

    Cooldre: Well at least I’m not speaking Pig Latin like your son is with the police department he works for in Chicago. And allow me to remind you that it was in Chicago that the Employers Association in 1927 coined the term Racketeering from which farad admitted to the Detroit police he was doing. The Rico act extended Racketeering to encompass illegal activities relating to any enterprise affecting interstate or foreign commerce. The NOI has branches in almost all the 50 states. If the word is given and somebody disappears or is silenced to further the business operations of the Temples the IRS can shut them down just like they did the KKK decades ago. So I’m warning you Louis to keep it all on a high note.

    Louis: All poets will submit to Islam or God’s sword.

    Cooldre: Now allow me to be balanced because none of our hands are clean.

    1. King David was a peeping tom, woman stealer

    2. Solomon was a super freak with hundreds of concubines

    3. King Saul cut penis off

    4. Egyptian King Menes cut penis off of many rebels

    5. Moses adultery with Ethiopian women

    6. Israel requiring Ethiopian women to sterilized themselves in 2013

    7. St. Paul advising Christians to become eunuchs

    8. King Rameses super freak in Egypt from which condoms are named after

    9. Prophet Muhammad forced marriages with two Jewish women

    10. Elijah Muhammad inappropriate sex with secretaries. Be just like CEO of a company having sex with subordinates

    Cooldre: It was at Kheybar that a Jewess prepared for the prophet poisoned meat, of which he only tasted a morsel without swallowing it, then warned his comrades that it was poisoned. One Muslim, who had already swallowed a mouthful, died immediately, and the Prophet himself, from the mere taste of it, derived the illness which eventually caused his death. The woman who had cooked the meat was brought before him. When she said that she had done it on account of the humiliation of her people, he forgave her. For the first thousand years of Christianity Jews were persecuted as Christ killers. I wonder if it’s the same deal for Arabs looking at jews for the responsibility of killing Muhmmad.

    Louis: You see how compassionate Muhammad was? In the Koran all souls are responsible only for the deeds that they individualy do.

    Cooldre: Well that was the Arab version of the Table scene of the last super that eventually led to his death. The Christians/Romans have their puns too of the last super eating fish/Jews and having Lazarus as a super due to the War of the Jews famine and destruction with the Roman general Titus.

    Louis: So what’s the real version? The reason the Jewish girl tried to kill Muhammad at Kheybar was because Muhammad had all the adult Jewish males beheaded and took the women and children as slaves. Safiyah, one Jewish girl of 17 her husband was the local treasurer of Kheybar. Muhammad had him tortured until he revealed where the money was. After he got the loot they killed him and forced the widow Safiyah to marry him to be part of his harem. Here is a list of all his wives:

    1. Khadja

    2. Sawda

    3. Aisha took her at 6 or 9 and married her at 19

    4. Zaynab

    5. Umnsalama

    6. Hafsa

    7. Zaynab

    8. Rayhana Jewish girl

    9. Juwayriyya

    10. Ramia

    11. Safiyya Jewish girl

    12. Maymuna

    13. Maria

    The Koran says he dealt with his wives in rotation and that Allah gave him special permission to marry above the limit of 4 wives. His wives got double punishment for Lewdness (33:30) And they could not leave the House (33:32-33).

    Cooldre: Hey I’m a philogyny of women too. I love the black women for which I dedicate this poem:

    I LOVE BLACK WOMEN: a public statement

    I love black women

    I love your hair, your lips and your sweet brown eyes

    I need your love like we need water and air and for the sun to rise

    What must a brother do?

    To convince my Nubian Queen that I do love you

    Stand in my underwear in the middle of Times Square

    To say I love you and I solemnly swear?

    Christiana, Becky and Mrs. Cindy my three awesome Doves

    Curtis Mayfield sung that song: “Give me your Love”

    Or else my heart will forever, eternally bleed

    I love black women, its not a want or passing desire it’s a need

    Louis: You must first love them before you make that statement. Don’t forget Dre that when you were in college you thought about writing a book called My Black *****

    Cooldre: The book was never written and you already reminded of this at the Million Family March in 2000. And on the other matters, well just ask my ex-girlfriends daughters if they prefer me to take them to the park or their absentee fathers that didn’t want to have anything to do with them. Did you guys love that black prostitute that was made to disappear from the face of the planet earth. I don’t think so.

    Ava: I do not like your obscene poetry because it’s the work of the devil.

    Cooldre: I know Muhammad wasn’t a poet and didn’t like them. However, the Koran is written with rhythm, melody and vitality of those verses draws rapt attention, as such their stylistic grace and charm that people began to recite them involuntarily to memory.

    Louis: You have put lot garbage on my table. After you leave my servants are going to swipe it clean three times over.

    Cooldre: May I make my last point. In your book about the secret relationship between blacks and Jews you make it appear that the Jews participated in the slave trade in a disorientate manner than the other white Europeans. Hugh Thomas who wrote a book “The Slave trade” in 1997 did admit: “For a time, in both Spain and Portugal, the Slave trade was dominated by Jewish conversoa” p.299. But in his Introduction he takes special attention to single you out. He says: “If one is interested in Jewish history, one can also explore Mr. Farrakhan accusations that Jews dominated the traffic in African slaves. But one would be hard put to find more than one or two Jewish slave traders like Lopez and Ribera…it is true that much of the slave trade in the sixteenth 17 centuries in Lisbon was financed by converted jews” (p.12). And I do know about the so-called star of David that was in Africa at the point of no return. I forgot what country it was but the symbol was taken down. But everybody participated in the slave trade. The three major religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam all supports slavery. Arabs had our black women in slavery 800 years before the blue eyes did. They had us raisin head males as eunuchs in their harems to knock us out of the competition among our own pride. You should stop trying to make scapegoats out of people. I’m calling you out Farrakhan for peace. Enough is enough. You talk about slavery all the time then when a movie comes out Django Unchained. You have a fit and tell everybody not to go and see it.

    Louis: I had my student ministers give a presentation to the movie Django Unchained

    Cooldre: well I had some problems with it. The presenters showed many pictures of Blacks who were lynched by blacks. I wish Ava would have showed all the black people that black people have killed and motivate blacks to be against killing blacks. I recall one time I took some heat for showing the film Tales from the hood to some students. Spike Lee dramatically showed how the KKK outsources their killing to the black youth who are in gangs and sell drugs. So I leave you with some essays I wrote on slavery and my uncle Red, you wanted to demonize as practicing magic spells.


    Chronicling the life and times of Russell “Red” Jones Nicks is a series of milestones and markers throughout the timetables of American history. With all of the good and bad times the human spirit moves on. Russell is currently 96 years old and has seen just about all of it. He earned his nickname from his interaction with the white folks down south. In Jackson the locals named him the Black “Godfather”. My conversation began with Red after I filled out an Absentee ballot with City Hall so he could take part in the historic moment of seeing the possibility of the first Black President in the United States. He never thought a Blackman would occupy the White House because of the historic inequality he witnessed. I never thought there would be a black President either because the Democrats never seriously considered a black even for the Vice Presidency. But the world is very different now.

    Russell was born one year after World War I in 1915 in Perry County, Tennessee in a house on Roame street. Both his grandparents were born under the terms of slavery. His birth state was center stage of the KKK incorporation of their terrorist organization and where Martin Luther, the King was crucified by a sniper’s bullet at the Loraine motel. Also in 1915 came Birth of a Nation, a silent film that helped the KKK recruit zealous members. After slavery ended some of Red’s family tree members switched from Nix to Nicks to shed their former slave owners name.

    His favorite president was Franklin Roosevelt because he was about the business of giving a helping hand to all of jobless men facing the after effects of the 1929 stock market crash with people jumping out of windows. As a teenager Red listened to Roosevelt talk on the radio near their fireplace about Social Security, Medicare and public works programs. Red didn’t suffer during the depression because his father owned a farm, store and a schoolhouse all on his land. He drove a horse driven wagon and a Model T produced by the manufacturing genius of Henry Ford.

    When Hitler invaded Poland in 1939, starting WWII, Russell was 25 and got married to Mary Taylor in Tennessee. Later on they adopted a son, Offie, from Milwaukee. Red hated Hitler because he believed Jews and Blacks were half Apes. However, he didn’t like the white GI’s telling the French girls that Blacks had tails in their backsides either and neither did it deter their curiosity. Germany has changed now, in 08 a quarter of a million Germans welcome the name of Obama to their city. But no matter the name calling This couple endured. They were from the old school where family was the foundation and that marriage didn’t end until Mary passed on in 2004. Red moved his family to Jackson, Michigan after hearing the humming sounds of factories producing cars and war products. Life didn’t mean a thang if it didn’t have that swing as Duke Ellington sung it. The 1940’s was Red’s primetime. His hair was conked, he wore Zoot suits and danced to Jazz doing the Lindy hop and the Jitterbug. His grey eyes, light skin, wits of charm and his freckles made it an easy to transition and work and retire from Clark equipment. He retired from his job right about the time Nixon left office in disgrace after a black security guard caught his “plumbers” crew breaking into Watergate hotel. Red felt that Malcolm X was a sparkplug but Martin L. King was a light of inspiration. Many Black families in the 1970’s had a picture of MLK framed on their walls along with President Kennedy. Many church members had MLK picture on a stick and used it as a fan while listening to his pastor A.P. Williams at Second Baptist Church. Red is a lifetime member of that church and from time to time Minister Williams pays him a house call visit.

    Before Red moved up North from the South he joined a secret club of Mason’s from the Scottish rites. He kept up his ties with this secret organization until late in his life. I was forever trying to pry information out of him. For a long time he kept his mouth shut until he told me a couple of secret passwords like “Tubal-Cain”. Through my own research I learned to trace the Freemasons origins to ancient Egyptian priest called Ptah who introduced crafts. Ptah was always pictured tied up in a mummy suit. Red also retired from the loan sharking business he used as a side moonlighting job to supplement his income. He lent money to everyone: Black doctors, lawyers, business men who ever was in need when you couldn’t go to a bank for fifty dollars to get you through the week. We now have legal loan sharking chain stores of advance check cashing corporations at high usury rates. Those who were loan risk had to put up collateral like watches and rings and even car titles. Red always felt like he was providing a service to the community.

    Red’s father lived until he was 96 and he expects to at least match that number. And I’m counting on the big one hundred so I can have his name and picture mentioned on the Today show, maybe even on the local JTV show. Red stopped chewing Redman’s tobacco, smoking and drinking a long time ago. He credits this to his longevity and a wise selection of the food pyramid. I admire my great uncle because he saved his money, knew the value of a stable continuous family structure and was never too proud to learn new things. Knowledge is power and a virtue with nothing new under the sun.

    On 9-11 I was at the bookstore when the manager told me she learned from the Internet a plane crashed into the twin towers. I went over Reds house and was traumatized to see people jumping out of windows. This was the equivalent of his watching the Japs attack Pearl harbor in 1941. Red thought Bush returning to ground zero to announce the enemies of America would hear from our military was a “class act” ; but invading Iraq is continuous act of “squandering precious resources”. Red didn’t believing in wasting money. He invested his money wisely in his family. He purchased homes and cars for many of his family members.

    Red has just about outlived all his immediate family members and everyone is gone from his primetime. Sometimes he feels alone. He’s fiercely independent He’s stubborn in refusing to wear a hearing aid. He hates idleness and keeps himself busy. To my surprise Red, just last week, fixed a sink faucet that wasn’t running water. He took out the spring, cleaned it, and got the water running again. I told him that ‘you still got it’ and he put a big grin on his face. And I don’t think he will ever loose it. As long as his heart keeps on beating with the times until God appoints his own time to press down on the stopwatch of life into a new time zone up in the firmament.

    Django Unchained Time 1858

    Movie Review

    Two prominent black figures in America, Spike Lee and Minister Louis Farrakhan, oppose the movie Django. I was believing in their criticism until I heard a radio interview of Dick Gregory on Youtube. My Aunt gave me a bootleg copy on DVD and I the movie came, I saw and I was deeply impressed. Basically the movie was in the spirit of many of those 1970’s black action flicks where blacks got revenge on whity for the injustice afflicted upon a people of color.

    The movie also has it funny, comedic moments when a white bounty hunter teams up with a former black slave to outwit the slave traders, fight promoters and outlaw white folks who suppress the black man and sexually exploit the black female.

    Just like Jews who constantly remind the world of their holocaust in Hollywood, blacks have the right to tell their stories of their inhumane treatment in any format we pick. That applies to white and black directors.

    Samuel Jackson plays the role of HNIC for his master Leonardo. Some people incorrectly assume Jackson plays the role of Uncle Tom from the book Uncle Tom Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe. He plays the role more like Sambo & Quimbo who kills Tom. Uncle Tom was a Christ like figure who refused to snitch on black slaves who ran away from beatings and wanted to unite with their families. Jackson in the movie made Jamie Fox (Django) pays 12 thousand dollars to buy back his wife. In the end Jackson cries out to Jesus to save him from dying in the big house from a fire to no avail. Jackson almost upstaged the movie from Jamie until he got baptized with the fire.

    My only criticism of the movie is the lack of love scenes between Kerry Washington and Jamie Foxx. The movie ends with the two riding off in the night on horses. I would of like the ending with the two buying a house, Jamie having a job and raising a new born baby. That would have been a better happy ever after ending.

    For those that oppose the show please drop the hatred and all that unnecessary bellyaching. Listen to no one and go and be the judge for yourself.

    Side Notes

    For the peeping toms pause Django movie at exactly 1.34.06 to see both bosoms and pubic hairs at same time of actress Kerry Washington.



    On youtube I watched Goodbye Uncle Tom, a 1970’s European film about slavery. It didn’t last long in the USA theaters because it told the truth.

    In the film I started to see some crossover or carry-over behavior of blacks from that dark era in America from 1619-1865. The film showed white men crazing for sex from young black girls 12 or 13 especially virgins. They would get a big fat black Mammy who was non-sexual to prime and procure them some young meat. The Mammy would teach the young girl to be totally submissive so that she would get gifts, favors; privilege’s and be beat lightly or not at all. She taught her not to scream if it hurt and to fake pleasure by moaning and moving/shaking her body. She went up to the masters room with a small dress and no undergarments and with a switch or whip. The slave master liked to beat the naked girl before and after he had sex with her. But the more she submitted the less the beatings would be less than a dozen licks to get his kinky (Sadism) sex foreplay started.

    This brand and practice of sadism unconsciously spilled over to African-American culture post slavery. It can be seen with the habit of forcing children to go out and get a switch from a tree and bring it to the parent for their butt naked whippings. Simply, the abused and raped girl was reenacting the incidents from slavery that are passed on generation after generation. The torch of the switch has not ceased passing from family to family.

    During slave times a master would often make other slaves watch another slave get beat as deterrence. Black parents often beat their kids in front of other kids or adults to magnify the humiliation. Slave masters often got mad at one slave for an infraction and took it out on everybody. In a black household there might be 5 children in it and one do something wrong and by the end of the day all five get a beating one after another. If any slaves express emotions at another slave being beat they had to trade their place and get whip worser. Black mothers will whip an innocent child sometimes for laughing or objecting to their sibling getting whipped.

    The Original MF and playing the Dozens

    The cuss word of MF originally applied to a black child during slavery forced to have a brown bag over his head and have sex with his mother. The children produced from this incest were genetically lame and deformed. These deformed kids were only sold by the dozen, hence the pun of playing the Dozens (roasting others with humor). The battle of the Dozens was won by the person who could take insults about his mother without losing his composer or cool. However, we blacks were specialist and taking derogatory terms against us and taming down those same terms like nigg..aa and MF and other words used to defame us.


    Many of the ghetto black families have a care free attitude about nudity in the house where children and adults walk around naked especially at night coming out of the bathroom. Where this comes from? Some of the masters didn’t allow slaves to wear clothes at night in order to cut down the incentive to run away and to stimulate breeding for more profits. In addition, many slave plantations had slaves working out in the field nude for the same purpose. Hence the term “butt naked” came and evolved into the understanding of a black slave out in the field bending over picking up cotton, Tobacco or whatever butt naked.

    If we want to break the chains and images of slavery we got to know whats going on now and in the past or be doomed to repeat every thing negative and self-destructive

    UNCLE TOM vs. SAMBO & Quimbo

    Sambo is anyone who snitches informs or selling out his race

    The novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin was a part of the ammunition that led to the Civil War. Now through an elaborate mischaracterization the term Uncle Tom is now a negative term towards black men. In the book Uncle Tom:

    1. Helps a sick black slave with her cotton bag

    2. Refuses to snitch on runaway slaves

    3. Helps saves a drowning white child

    4. Made into Christ figure by being whipped to death by two black Sambo’s

    The term Uncle Tom is not appropriate label for someone who is white on the inside and black on the outside and sells out his race by placing his personal gains with whites ahead of the rights and gains of his people. The real villain was another black slave named Sambo. Sambo was childlike and musical and totally committed to the white master and used every opportunity to undermine the other slaves.

    Sambo, in many respects, was like today’s black conservatives church leaders, music and sports, entertainment figures. The Sambo character personified a very successful social control created by conservatives. Blacks will rise when we learn who helps and who hurts the race. Sambo was the black slave character in numerous novels and movies who was willing to pick up a weapon and defend his master against the approaching union army or hide the masters sliver from northern carpetbaggers. What is the difference between the fictional Sambo characters and today’s real-life blacks who join the conservative movement to argue against affirmative action, black reparations and set-asides. They declare that the world is now color blind, and are opposed to any policies requiring whites to share the socioeconomic burden that centuries of slavery and second class citizenship have imposed on blacks.

    Isn’t espousing a color-blind race-neutral, melting pot society, a modern way of hiding the master’s silver and gold? What are black conservatives conserving when black America is burdened by poverty, crime, unemployment, homelessness and other social pathologies.

    Now in our upside civilization the villains are the ones trying to help and family and race and the hero is black Sambo who makes an alliance with whites for individual help at the expense of Black community progress. Blacks must seek out self-empowerment and self-determination. The opposite of self-independent economic growth is the Sambo route of looking to access white power holders for a share of their power. Unity and group power is the best ingredient for black progress.


    In the end may we pray that the black conservatives will see the light of the self-destruction they creating instead of self-empowerment? Even Sambo and Quimbo in Uncle Tom’s Cabin eventually saw the evil of their ways “He’s most gone, Mas’r, said Sambo. “Oh, Tom” said Quimbo, we been awful wicked to ye. Will Clarence Thomas and other Sambo’s like him see the light of the evil ways?

    Cooldre: So I leave all of these essays Min. Farrakhan on your table as food to feed your brain and ask that you make peace with everybody before your table gets overturned and everybody gets into a food fight.

    (Cooldre walks out of the mansion shaking Louis hand and hugging Ava giving her a kiss on the cheek. While hugging her Cooldre is tempted to caress her behind but fears getting his hands cut off or getting sliced in the face like Capone got for acting on the fantasy. Louie says now see if the Jew invites you to his house. Cooldre said he has already been invited by his mother’s sister’s daughter who is married to a Jew in California and allowed to have some Sugar. And with that we finished the other half of Langton Hughes poem of a Dream DeferredJ . No fruit was served at Louis table and I was hoping for some raisins)

    Does it stink like rotten meat?

    Or crust and sugar over-

    Like a syrupy sweet?

    Maybe it just sags

    Like a heavy load.

    Or does it explode?

    -Langston Hughes

    (THE END)


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