Black People : At the Polls in Brooklyn

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    owner of various real estate concerns
    more young brothers from the area, working there this time in fact they were the ones
    instructing folks unfamiliar with the scanners.
    Lights still have not been installed in the cubby holes but the magnifiers are in each and seperate private areas were provided with ample lighting

    my man Eric Adams, sister Clarke, and Annette Robinson should blow up phatt and folks from other district seemed on fire in support of Barron, even those known to be most conservative.

    It seems in all honesty Brother Barron has enacted what is known as a quick and sudden change in the mindsets of many!

    The tea party mobilized many to a serious no nonsense attitude about defense of the black community and speaking to the local adminstrators at the polls the concept ad desire from the community of a National Black Political Agenda seems to be more iminent then ever.

    I will be at the UAM meeting tommorow, to ask brother Maddox to see what can be done to spread the concept, on a broader scale.