Black Poetry : At the Hamburger Shop


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May 11, 2006
One dude flows strong when he put clothes on
Words glows along with his grammar never home
Alone, wreck fates, decorate, adorn them microphones
Got his pride twist at restaurant ordered a side dish
Bad mood today attitude on display like a brisk
Dress in a store window, need facts and advice
Just to act nice none of that crack in his life
A winner with crew at dinner beef stew attends
An interview that last an hour experience winds
Of success, been bless with skills that arrests
And kills whackness but hate heartless piss tests
A kiss is reality exists in actuality could be a brisk
Fatality, love crumble, thugs stumble on a list
Attitude stable got food on the table, a hot guy
That occupy a specified position but really try
Hide from friction, situation undisturbed have
conversation with words many girls love vocab
a dame flirting cake remain in a certain state and
it’s hurting my fate to ignore this must make plan
to holler back, love will occur if he hug her may stand
a chance for a divine romance it’s time to advance
need a feeble remedy in this legal vicinity to enhance
and equal my identity probably bands will make her dance
pause on my quote and groove and this cause folks to move
around relocate and see no escape from words that soothe
stress is irrelevant, dress elegant my behavior has flavor
lots of class but my plots get smash status and economic
Apparatus and Ebonics they come at us with the chronic
Got vigor and spirit come with bigger lyrics using Ebonics
But local I’m tame real social in the game, attribute
Common an absolute phenomenon it’s he need to salute
The girl and fall in love, involved with clever huns his job
Never done, concerned no doubt he turned about and bob
His head hated to be a slob misled so he must come with
The right words and tight verbs and tonight be heard swift
On a sex note with complex quotes known as love talk will lift
Her skirt
He started to think: I bet her body roast at home and she never
Postpone sex always right on time got a strong mind and clever
Boyfriend amazed at her breasts which is a degree in progress
A female seem wise juice prevails between her thighs can’t rest
Because of her extreme pies awaits better known as cake to mess
Around with, I bet he be on a solo flight mind go loco for the night
When she sit in his lap and he git to rap that sweet talk that ignite
The hairs around her thing her thing gown clings to her body she
Brings a party for sex thighs wide open pies smoking he will see sex
A piece of cake he will feast on a plate won’t cease until it’s
Ate, oh she moves her thing around in satisfaction can’t slow
Down the action become a fatal attraction on the loveseat oh
To a thug beat he jest hug and treat her body with soft touches
Due to tension she’s in a true dimension of sex as he clutches
Her waist a bit and wanna taste it she jest gives him tongue
Slim to none Bet You by Golly Wow like the STYLISTICS he cum
Forever and never will he leave her, he had to wake from this skit
kind of funny how he needs to find a honey to sleep wit
He said boo “ my scribes are phat so I survive with stats, arrived
At this place to find and twist lace so like TREY SONGZ I dive
In boo, with my tongue I come to play from day to day, so I strive
To be in contact with girls and attack worlds of love like Ted Lange
On LOVE BOAT try sex you while I lie next to you in bed range
And until another day let the butter stay like Parkay, kiss your red lips
In bed we strip, and like a painting you have fine brushwork nice hips
Wanna crush your skirt when I jerk it up, love make the air smoke
We can compare notes, breathe smooth as I squeeze and soothe your
waist my mind bears hope and your coochee hairs dope wet galore
have wiry fate know your diary has dates when you had sex so
let me read that mad text girl, home potion has strong emotions go
ahead and think pink got your sink filled with water oceans loco
your hair fly but need an air supply boo you breathing hard, your
thing done got hot wearing bling a lot, we can do it on the floor
she said naw player “my coochee is juicy and stay wet a lot trying
to get to the top and succeed in a big way need to change my wig
today got remi hair with plenty to spare so now player you dig?
My mini-skirt in demand and you wanna work out a plan thaT
Land me in bed quick wearing red lipstick, love extreme and phat
You got submarine stats wanna do a crash dive and talk fast jive
In my ear drum but I hear none of what you’re saying player alive
Sexual treats, try keep from love but a thug come with a sweet
Dumb hug and I get trapped and wet sitting in the lap of a unique
Boy, stay can’t escape as he play with my cake and try take some
It’s a pleasure starting you want treasure from my garden jest thumbs
Up, convinced by a rumor that a sense of humor is needed to survive
Your words hung in my ear while you sprung and sincere jest deprive
Me from leaving, breathing hard because I’m hot down there for real
In much the same way as a stove heated, in stress you better address
A letter to me that explain your sex game or you’ll never test
My breasts, under my skirt the wind blow but when will I know
Where I’m intend to go? To bed I guess, hormones jest flow
It’s a complex force took a sex course and saw Basic Instinct
Ready to take a boss pledge then cross my legs and think
After I talk to Nick your words sharp enough to cut lumber
Wanna huff and puff in your hummer you soar this summer
Really wanna kiss me but I disagree you talk soft but wow
I’m gonna walk off, when it cums to love affairs somehow
In twenty minutes a girl can put plenty in it with jest one
Kiss, player my lips sweet and like a ship fleet they wet hun
Sometimes hot and in love but not above sex law but stunned
I’m cute with pie but you need a suit and tie like JAY Z AND
JUSTIN TEMBERLAKE, cray-zee to surrender my cake plan
To duck, perfume on the menu so you resume and continue to
Ask for a cake date and create love talk got butter in line but boo
Maybe another time, need a legit attitude to fit the mood don’t
Git rude because a girl need observation to succeed to want
In this population must get cooperation from boys jest being
Sweet and unique not enough boys want that hot stuff they seeing
In a mini-skirt so I’m plenty alert especially when I flirt look
They wanna wreck pies and specialize in tonguing mind be crooked
And hooked on sex, player you gamble galore and wanna use the handle
On my door to unlock my love that’s the plot of a thug a tendency to gamble
Grip your loins and flip a coin is it heads or tales red lips prevail
She said remember I was at HARDEES in a mini-skirt
Sex extreme like a complex machine with a lubed flirt
Behavior the nicest kisses a major crisis keeps my flavor
In vices I favor the spices of smooching so wow the neighbors
Gonna know their name beware of this dame, boys so bold
And sprung need to control their tongue want some I’m told
Brown and tall beauty maybe my downfall panties not pink
Need a hot drink some boys plot stink want a dress in mink
Face bad news had to to be rescued from a boy’s car he almost
Dropped a **** right in my hot spot ready to butter my toast
And utter a host of love talk I was so hot and wet down there
Couldn’t go anywhere far as sex plenty there then I didn’t care
Emotions hidden be ware, strut butt for guys sometimes shut
My eye because love bring butterflies a queen in pink done up
Seem to blink and wink at the sight of boys that’s just fun and luck
Now see this boy seems to be on a keen edge wanna get between
My legs have a good time he wish tonight
to have a big Mac and fish bites
extreme Oh twisty fishy, fishy like McDonald in a steep place
got heat in my lace hard to Keep pace
with my body, I think he wants cake and roast boo
Then make a toast to sex and stuff, my perfume come from
Fragrant flowers that have flagrant powers for your dumb
Smelling senses, sexual fears are like shears they cut zigzag
Paths in a girl’s brain and hurl lame ideas boys have wigwag
Ears to hear with, wow my car firing early while you desiring
The curly hairs around my thing they brown and cling requiring
Air, have a strong flirt do my homework then gone in a skirt to
HARDEES be alert some parties up in here for real can hurt you
Boys want a pathetic deal that create a magnetic field to attract
Girls and attack their worlds with love talk in clubs walk and act
Like playboys high and dry really a guy try get some that’s a fact
Schools are very fun but there are rules for everyone even Cadillac
Drivers, see a boy he try be nice and buy love at that price but lack
Sex appeal, observe my hip wanna serve my lips with a kiss wanna
Whisper words and scripts in my ears about love so like DIONNE
WARWICK this can be a Kentucky Blue Bird lucky to get true
Words this thing can fly away
Strange and wild boys can’t change their style in HARDEES
Unable to adapt to this atmosphere my status appear tardy
A little late got brittle cake like Betty Crocker, keep the Bacardi
ready want me climbing in your Toyota
so you can adjust the timing on my motor
see my body built free of guilt meet the quota
for sex, use butter and verbs to utter words that
make birds fly across the sky crazy like a bat
my breast deft this how I express my self the rest
are leftovers, here in HARDEES much jazz I see
but as for me except for a hamburger and a degree
of French friars need a wrench and pliers to loosen
up my groove which can be proved sexy at minimum
even in denims, mind caught in a love making millennium
see a boy witty no trouble wanna reduce my city to rubble
like enemy bombers probably have plenty hummers doubles
his pleasure like spearmint gum, he probably parade in a hummer
love words a good grade of lumber can’t build during the summer
on that, need strong stats to get this chick I wanna stay but whats
he gonna say yippy ki yi yay like BRUCE WILLIS never undercut
my luck, home is a place in which lace itch, I think he really want
some like tragic of magic his part is hocus pocus sharp focus don’t
drop the ball, stamina wins and like a camera lens he wanna take
a snapshot then rap a lot and use a map to plot my location my cake
is on his plate can see it in his eyes it twist the skies in his mind make
it rain eating chicken noodle soup, I strut butt and walk around town
At HARDEES I fear the scrimmage as he shows a clear images hound
my dress tail so bless this female for having sexual answers for thugs
while dancers in clubs, HIP HOP is the musical source keeps my hugs
on a usual course my body create truth can’t deviate from the truth
now he approach think he wants a date

Essential I get cake
in my mental state
a new love potion at Birth
like the motion of the earth
the HARLEM SHAKE darling
I need cake like a dog I go snarling
you put on lotion so I thirst and fight
for your body at HARDEE, use pencils of light
and Stencils to write and wash pots and utensils at night
I plan To date you
and get wet cake too am I too late boo?
My hand In yours, convinced much
through the sense of touch
silk has a velvety feel, my heart will remain
as part of the game in sharp pain
guilt If I don’t depart with dame can’t start to complain
if I fail so help this boy
saw you felt great joy
and that’s the tale of the tape
you a female with cake
the lost of a girl could cost worlds of hurt
you wear pearls, hurl butt and flirt
for real that’s all good stranger and proud
at HARDEE’S anger in the crowd
hood sensitive, stuff out on Cloud
Nine like the TEMPTATIONS deft and bold
Life been corrupt had to left out in the cold
my game brittle use slang a little
ready to hang up the fiddle
when I fell in love with you
ring doorbell on your rug boo
we lie on white sheets smooth
my feet soothed your body unique and lubed
so girl I love your boobs
really no excuse the flow of your juice
boast by my wet kisses that alone produce
an effect wait for cake to arrive
your honey makes a beehive boo I see jive
opening your thighs, kiss your lips and take trips to my archive
your cake burn
as I wait my turn
try debate and learn
what excite you
and write true
love letters but right now its lovetalk awight?
Gril stay real
don’t delay my meal hey I feel
hot every night red lips reveals
a lot slam dunk panties like I’m SHACK ONEAL
My mind went
to time spent
thinking about you boo, with words I proceed
but your body could serve a need,
time fly like birds In bed plenty work
amaze girl your miniskirt craze tease my brain
oh please I need a dame squeeze your waist is my aim
try keep my past in order
drink a glass of water
sweat on my eyebrow
And you stay wet somehow,
I’m a member of the love club
Need a December hug
boo, my plan on a list
to understand a kiss
Has a specific meaning
In bed terrific screaming
take place
can’t miss the cake or the lace
convinced much
through the sense of touch
That panties have a velvety feel, smooth like a peach
love you much It soothe to reach
your love and clutch your waist love talk a lyrical demonstration
and a physical sensation
to win the heart of a dame a miracle
Have a sharp pain eat cereal,
know its wrong to
go on with a particular action
just to get quicker satisfaction,
I exist equipped to kiss lips
Slicker than banana peels
and my bandana reveals
my head wrap is thicker than wave caps perhaps
your breast can wreck a nation
but right now I rest in expectation
for a date, buy you ill fur tonight //
Kisses will occur awight?
They’ll be very near you lips
I’ll sincere grip your waist
We take a mere trip to my place
girl your body gas me like mace

Naw player my panties are wet and all
don’t mean I get to fall
In love, hear it in my mind
over a period of time
so I let the ball bounce
which call for an ounce
of love and a pound of sex but
could lead to a course of events
and I’m forced to sprint
corrupt like FLOJO
and you’ll be going loco
on my thing you really should
Put a ring on it doe, wanna be hood
wanna be a kid with fact
did your act
good I be fine three times that of a regular chick
you bling and sing try reach high notes, try quotes from
your love talk, but my groove remain this soap some-
times remove stains have to approve of my brain dumb
to think otherwise with butter between my thighs my cake
mixed and my brakes fixed so I can stop on a dime that’s great
HIPHOP designed to be taped my problem is I trip a lot and take
Journeys to dream land my cream in demand quick cake your fate
Must hesitate, you arrive with verbs and try describe in words
I’ve survived and heard a lot of sweet talk my drive is to curve
Around this, I think you wanna take me home to your crib be
long-lived with kisses you really want sex and stuff from me
you best bite the bullet soft tonight won’t pull it off so see
the writing on the wall you not exciting at all , fighting not to fall
in love, should bring your bling to a close do the right thing buy
me a rose” dealing with bed springs this how it goes boys try
trick talk quick to walk you home one boy really ask for my pie
didn’t know what to say I was so hot down there and juice fly
on lace oh he wanted to put his **** right in her box of chocolate
like FOREST GUMP AND BUBBA it was hard for her to stop it
she said ” my lace be stable you wanna place my panties on a table
and go for the main dish you aim to twist my mind then I won’t be able
to leave you’ll just go crazy in my gravy tonguing it oh I’m so hot in
HARDEES right now” breast poking dress half open his plot to win
she try go but had to lie low because the juice in her pie flow panties
real hot he wanted to finger her thing then linger with bling and candies
at her front door and stunt galore tore a page out right out the PLAYBOY’S
book “look I’m a sweetheart and you street smart stay making noise
feel like I’m at a phat libray so why try carry me off in your drop top
oh stop it, you wanna drop it like it’s hot like SNOOPY and bee bop
like DOUGY FRESH so six minutes you wanna be up in it right?
After a quick trick you wanna be ruler like SLICK RICK
I came to visit now a dame explicit and your game on exhibit might
Find myself in bed, you come with fury and style like a jury trial tight
With a verdict this court is in session your sport is aggression need
Support in professions, but confessions involves sex and a creed
Handsome and dope so don’t abandon hope but the stuff you feed
Me will not work so I’m thrill to flirt off try stay on my footpath
Step high and help this guy walk a mile in his shoes put math
On paper but it don’t add up and its bad luck to have whole
Numbers and roll in hummers my goals thunder the poles
During sexual elections but you face rejection and that’s cold
I’m a dame alone if I remained at home you got game and you
Ride on chrome, pride is strong wanna get between my thighs
And bone best dry your eyes all the hot rapping like them lullaby's
Surprise you want some right here in HARDEE’S so true that
This boo got stats boys tilt their hats so tell me where you at?
You gonna have to kiss me down low so wow I really need to
Chat with KELLY ROWLAND things getting heated and blue
Think my thing is a distinguish sandwich you won’t relinquish
Advantage so in plain English you do damage so boo bring this
To a stop, want pies and rum this arise from a wet horny twist
mini-skirting cake and fine but in a burden state of mind it may
seem very silly but it’s a heavy responsibility jest to kiss and play
with a boy and not have sex, it’s the source of worry and you’re
forced to hurry and decide
Oh he just grabs her waist think about lace right in the HARDEE’S
Place, 8 piece chicken wanted feast licking while kicking that party
Love talk, thugs walk on water, oh he jest kissed her lips on the spot
And then got some tongue said yum yum honey bun she had a lot
To say but couldn’t because her tongue was in his mouth the HIPHOP
Led to lips lock while folks chow down and kapow! They’re headed
For the bed just like that

Boo wanna kiss your lips and play some don’t try slip away from
That you have a great butt and cake so what it take for me to come
To your brick home riding on slick chrome so quick we can be alone


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