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    Sunday, April 20 2014 -- 6hrs ago

    Easter my foot, today (eg. like all the past times of Easter season) Pope Francis stands b4 the stolen --not borrowed never lent TEKHEN (eg. from the Nile Valley --spewing his "lying lore of male dominated patriarchal Christianity" as the MASS-ES-MASSAS help him celebrate a birth that pre-dates male-dominated religion. Remember it was they who put a stamp of approval on slavery in one century and then apologized for this gross error in human judgment in another.

    I'd rather watch AVATAR. At least I know that this story depicts my origin...even if I AM blue with symbols that shine thru my skin and have tails that connect to nature. At least I know I am watching a visual more closely linked to my own past, present, future reality than: Ten Commandments, The Bible, Passion Of The Christ or Noah ever could all put to 'freakin' gather.

    Source: (This $%^&*z brotha, was on point years and years ago.)