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    By Andre Austin

    In collaboration with Andre Austin has boldly entered the literary world.

    The best things in life comes in three. The first book is colored red, then black then green with the publishing logo of the fist of self-empowerment. I want the public to take advantage of my writings and use it as a substitute for drugs and alcohol a perishable waste. However, having hard copies of these books can last a lifetime. A. Lukewarm: The Temperature of Justice, B. Poor Dre’s Almanac: Unpopular & Politically incorrect Essays, C. My Poemology: the very best poems and short stories.

    A brief general outline of my three books:

    When Martin L. King was in college he wrote term papers on Christianity being influenced by the ancient Egyptian religion. He didn’t have the details but he was spot on.

    1. The Red Book is Lukewarm: the Temperature of Justice. The Lukewarm spit is basically the modern day clear eye substance for the dry eye absence of righteous deeds. If we go back in history we can find out that Christians have be misguided into the wrong temperature. Why would you want to be hot when the Egyptians/stoics taught that the soul as warm breath. The Stoics and ancient Egyptians believed that the eye had many thin membranes and the hard outside coverings provided a protection against cold and heat. So when people are spit out Lukewarm because they were neither hot or cold, (Rev 3:15-16), they are actually saying these people have good physical/spiritual eyesight and are doing good deeds. For example: “Anyone who does what is evil has not seen God (3 John verse 11). However, some need salve because they are like blind goats that can’t be seen doing good deeds. The Stoics and Egyptians also believed that Tefnut or moisture from the tear-glands makes slippery and able to dislodge foreign objects like planks & logs. Some of the blind are cured of blindness by the discharge of this moisture of fluid from the eye. So when you see Jesus spit (Lukewarm/Tefnut) in a person’s eye to cure their blindness it can be traced all the way back to Egypt in 2,000BC written on papyrus and craved in stones.

    Tefnut was also symbolic of Maat (Law and moral order), and was called “The heat of Heaven” when moisture is drawn up by the sun. It’s a remarkable coincidence that we call the cops “The heat”.

    Before the eyes (Ra) was born out of the water he sent his daughter Tefnut-Maat to bring order so that her twin Shu could lift up Ra’s eye in its proper place and order. Tefnut herself was born by being spit out just like Lukewarm. When a person died his/her heart was put on a balance scale of Maat. Your heart had to balance with a feather of Maat. When a person was pure in Egypt they would say “I have seen the eye of Ra, therefore let not evil befall me in this land or in the hall of Maat”. This was strikingly similar to Matthew (named after Maat), “Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God”. Incidentally, you could have a hot-heart or cold-Heart and pass go and enter the gates of heaven because your soul had to be warm. The eyes and the heart went hand and hand on a spiritual/physical with level unshaven eyebrows. The gospels weren’t created in a vacuum they were influenced by the stoics and ancient Egyptians but people keep looking away.

    Well there you have it, my Meteorology assessment and report of Lukewarm: The Temperature of Justice.

    2. The Black book is Poor Dre’s Almanac which is a collection of political and social essays divided up into sections/chapters of files of:

    Black History files deals with many subjects and topics that are overlooked.

    The Obama files compares his real father’s poems with his own and pictures of his alleged mother in a compromised position. Obama was a Trojan horse that Congress gelded. The senate had his black ball and house had the white one all in containment of isolating his dream just within his family.

    Slavery Files deals with the causes and effects of slavery

    Malcolm X files deals with the black gang that snuffed him out and whether or not he was bi-sexual before joining the NOI.

    Martin L. King files deals with some of his college papers and the FBI who helped to free his assassin out of prison. King also had a gay friend who Obama posthumously gave a medal of freedom award to.

    3. The Green Book is My Poemology: The very best poems and short stories. Over a dozen short stories will be presented here. One of my stories, Pimps no Moore, got me disinvited to come substitute teach at a local High school. I thought I could speak out against the Pimp chronicles but I used too much profanity to do it. Love & the Olympiads deals with the magical shoes of a female Olympic champion who gets caught cheating by her use of drugs. Like all of my books they educate and entertain at the same time. In the Interest of Justice deals with a corrupt judge whose black robes finally gets poetic justice. All praises are due gives Louis Farrakhan a “taste” of his own medicine at a fictional table dinner of discussions.

    Well there you have it the Red, The Black and the Green, which is 20 years in the making. Written with glistening sweat of pure love to share. click on the link below to buy the book.

    "lukewarm the temperature of justice"