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Jan 25, 2011
I'm posting this in response to an old thread titled KJV bible debate. There were a few members who objected to the OT dealing with astrology, using astrology, being based on astrology, and us being told not to use astrology. There's a link where I talked on a forum and a guy named Thomas had some interesting info on astrology and the OT. Please understand, any readers of this post, that I do not know the answer to thud OT and astrology, nor do I think I know astrology etc . . .

I'd like ru2religious to chime in, also oceleo (I may have typed your name wrong), I wish music producer was around, hope he's ok.

This is the particular post I was speaking about from the link above.
thomascossette said:
Hello Larry Hebraic astronomy begins in Genesis where Joseph has the dream of the11 stars (constellations) bow him Genesis 37:9 (he being both the 12th and 13th by way of Ephraim and Manaseh.) In Genesis 49:1-28 we have the blessing of Jacob on his sons when you look at their atributes you see they all match with the ancient jewish mazzaroth Judah the lion, Ruban the water bearer, Dan is libra,ect. In Numbers 2:2 it say each tribe will carry their fathers ensigni.e. mazzaroth symbol as their banner or standard. To this day Judah is the lion. When we follow through the chapter we see a counterclock wise rotation east to south to west to north in the listing. A coincendence that the Mazzaroth procession is counter clock wise as well? Perhaps... I have written a book titled "The Way of Melchizedek " where I show many other of the astronomies of hebraic astronomy. Aspecially about Orion and the seven churches or sister of the Pleiades i.e. the seven churches in Yehoshva hand just as the Pleiades is in Orion's right hand. It also takes 3 heilical rising (days) for the 3 stars in Orions belt to rise from the horizon of the earth every year. As Yehoshva was 3 days and 3 night in the earth. Also when you read of the four beasts around the throne of the most high the OX, the lion, the man. and the eagle. they are the four cardinal points in the night sky Leo , Taurus, Aqurius, scorpio ( which was the eagle in ancient times the 2 outward claws the outward wings of the eagle) These things are but just the beginnings of the the many many other thing by which the night sky shows his knowledge Psalms 19 it is all about the bridegroom coming forth. Thomas L Cossette


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