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    So I think it is time for me to take my Magical work a little bit seriously. I define myself mostly as a crystal Mage but I am soon starting to work with herbs, candles and magnets. With this being said I am seeing the importance of Astrology in my workings as my level of knowledge increases. I am asking the board to hold my hand during this process, this being can anybody recommend any good books on Astrology. Been reading a lot of Mr Ford lately but felt I should take a crash course on this before I hurt myself.

    I would also like to let the board know that July is a very important month for, it is a coincidence that this is the month that the Bohemian grove meet. Last year i got robbed at gunpoint during July and the year before that something important happened. What is so important about this month. I heard they kill an original man (black man) at every one of these meetings, if that's the case I guess they was trying to take me out. Those bastards......


    The Bohemian groove on Adult Swim LOL, this show is hilarious...