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Reniassance Man

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Oct 21, 2008
Also, am I really a libra? Because a friend told me that western astrological dates are totally off because they didn't factor in a major component. Forget what it is tho. I think it was the fact that our solar system revolves around something else, os something like that. Im not sure tho. Sept 26, that's me.
Thats interesting stuff Astrologer4u. I think Im going to wait on the combination of the two? And thanks for that thread. I had actually clicked on it before and started reading it a little.


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Jun 10, 2004
Strange that I say this, but here it goes...

Whoa whoa whoa! lol Let us slow this down so that we are all on the same page and understand this one bit at a time.

I just looked at my Numerological placements last night and, needless to say, need to take more time looking into Numerology, so I will not address that just yet. However, Astrology is so much more easier to see, explain, and understand, so I will start with that.

You lost me with starting out with your planetary aspects first. I would be more interested in seeing your planet-sign placements first before aspects. One of the reasons for that is, for instance, your planet-sign placements say who you are, and your aspects explain moreso why you are who you are. Let us look at your planet-sign placements first.

As for Conjuncts - take some time to learn the basics of the Zodiac and Astrology first, before simply going by what it is your chart, otherwise you will get confused. Now you can do what I did and look at the chart, but then study the basics along the way, but know that understanding the basics helps to better understand the chart. When you do that, you will know what conjuncts, sextiles, trines, and squares and all that mean and what they are. If you do not understand that, then feel free to come back and mention it to us. As Sistah A4U mentioned - there is more than one of us here, so someone will be more than willing to step in and help clarify things for you.

Mercury Sextile Saturn, in brief, means exactly as you said, you take learning seriously. However, that can vary when looking at much of your chart. For example, one of my aspects say that I am a great mathematician and engineer, but I cringe at the thought of both, because I am not a numbers person and my intellect as applied to engineering is at its baby stage. When you look at the rest of my chart, you would better understand why I feel that way. The same could be said in your case - it all depends on the rest of the chart. That goes without saying your interpretations are not supposed to be perfect, and as you mentioned, there are great chances of placements canceling out other placements and 'contradictions.' That is all the more reason to take some time to study Astrology more. It is one of those sciences where you could never know it all, which is one of the reasons I like it!

As for Ausar Auset Society (AAS), we here in the Destee Family & Community are very familiar with it. If you search the forums, you will find where references have been made to it.

I am very glad to see another brotha here who has a desire to learn more. I will leave you to spend time looking at this post (and others), and we'll go from there.




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Oct 13, 2006
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Bro. Reniassance- I'll post the link to that thread again so everyone knows what we are talking about:

Spiritual IP:
Name. Birth. Location.

The purpose of the Spiritual IP is to find frequency locations. Yours is saying you are in the 4th Neighborhood on the 9th Block in the 9th House and in the 4th room of that house.

The most important number or the governing number is 8, the earthday. This could mean you are always pushing to make things work and get to the next level, but the 9s indicate that you really shouldn't have to work that hard and frustrate yourself, there's allot of things you've already mastered in this lifetime, because you are not content with those mastery and keep trying to "reinvent the wheel" so to speak. 4 is your personal space and personal power. You are good at constructing things, building- logical and rational, all your mastery. The challenge here since you have so many 9 vibrations at once is to focus only on the things you really really really want to do, and scrap everything else.

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