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    Am I the only one that experiences astral battles/wars.Recently I have been getting into alot of fights while in the lower fourth.

    My battle a few weeks ago was very extreme,I know for a fact that this was a Highlander.

    *Highlander=if you die you lose your powers and die in real life.

    But for some reason I felt like this one was just to test my powers,someone was definitely testing me.....or were they...

    I learned from my previous battles to never attack first,but for some reason someone came disguised as a old friend came and initiated first attack.

    I was forced to let go an enormous(not really that big,on a scale of 1-10 a 2 on an earthly scale) psychic attack while he had his foot on my neck.

    I am pretty sure it was a water attack,followed by a fire attack when I got on my feet......

    well discusss......44 out:ghost: