Black Poetry : Assassins Of Space And Time


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Jan 15, 2003
Brooklyn N. Y.
Assassins Of Space And Time

Birth From Divinity
Bitter Irony
Bonded in Battle
Breaking The Chains
Canvas Of The Heart.
Ant’s know Ghetto hymns in the heavens.

There shall be no victory for those who sleep.
The Assassins like a thief in the night.
The bounty has been paid in Gold.
A man without wisdom will only
repeat the same mistakes.
As the loving spirit is tossed aside.
An’t no Ghettos in the heaven
Flip the script cause the almighty is listening.
Black JUJU dust that floats within
the mind tight cads bound by the chains
to the minds.

The resurrection of the soul justification
of a powerless assumption
we shall over come, Oh what a bitter taste
of summary when the scripts has already
been written the master of wisdom
carved it in a stone.
A prophet name Moses read it
that all man should know.
When the brother gave you knowledge
You sent it to hell.
Computations of space.
The oppress have bitten the bullet
Assassins from another generation.
Optimistic reservations of the assassins in black face.

To his own pain A man without conscious has no soul.
The resurrection must now begin.
The dead soul that seeks for power and have no mind.
The man without wisdom and knowledge of self.
A man without conscious leads towards only self.
The man who walks with sheep-skin to his own cause.
The dictionary of the devil Webster it is called.
Educated fool without history of his own cause.

The man who confesses love,
As a thief in the night without direction of shame.
Forsaken those who look for the good in his heart.
A man who is doomed to hell.
The beast that roars within the
sea, negativity that embrace negativity.

He sits in darkness waiting for rescue.
From those who have no directions.
Don’t wait to long the time is near.

The middle man suppliers toxins that erase a nation.
The legacy of a man that was ordained by God.
Genocide the role he plays, don’t cry for me.
Loyal to satins demands.
The cancers of the un-willing souls.
There is no excuse as the cancer eat the minds
The prophets of here and now.
The alp her and omega don’t stop
And you shall be the death of your own right hand.
The assassins has no loyalist to self, are conscious of a direct mind.

The bitter sweet ,the taste of sweet.
The tarnish of natural ,
and forbidden trails that linger within.

The taste lingers for salt,
that sets off the flavors of thy ways.
Gentle be thou way,
once the salt has deleted,
the sweetness of its taste.
An't no Ghetto up in heaven.
If the body knows the spirit
there is no reason to no
the flesh.

There shall be no return,
the sweetness shall be no more.
Our people dye and drift.
An't no Ghetto up in heaven.

Worldwide watch the Ghetto
Brother man the assassins
breeds from the devil.

Like it hate it
An’t going to be a revolution
Until you confess it.
The Holocaust lives within the dungeon
An’t going be no survivors
as long as man hides behind
the cord of ethics I shall not see allowing
the assassins to kill our roots.
Denial wider the open Nile.

For everything in life
There’s a price have to be paid
An’t no real revolution
Until the fake *** *******
Turn in there papers.

There's a price and a fee
In the land of the brave
An’t never going to be freedom
Until the enemy of self
Be eliminated.
Words of a assassin.

Don’t lean on the Messiah
Crying in deliverance
When you are already dead.

The thunder, the thunder, the mighty light,
there are no warriors, the click is out clicking
it self spirit that flees in the night.
A tormenting mind with fire,
that’s too hot to be touched, righteous revolution,
which is here not within, or without a cause.

Perpetual self-existent, unfound reality
that walks upon the night.
Ruthless, spiteful, the evil that thrust for man’s life.
The fleeing of the spirit is no longer in sight,
oh where have thou gone, the lost without sight,
repercussions of a soul, that has no life,
darkness, until the fleeing spirit returns.

World imprisonment fear like none other,
fly like a dove, ultimate freedom,
where is the fleeing spirit, that I seek,
under minding a mind, my mind, my soul,
my heart, there shall never be, the spirit has gone,
locked in without a key.
The revolution will be continued
when the cowards of conformity
Shall be exile are delete.

Oh coward less conformity
where have thou gone,
recycling death at its door.
The assassins never sleep.
The bounty man collects
His gold on time.

Burning fires, searching the mist of calm,
sending hearts, which beneath the realms,
the rage of violent oppositions,
wants to release, unfortunate truths, to self,
the soul the living,
I don't need the flesh
when the spirit is drwelling,
and the shell have no legends,
deeply within the soul, as it excites,
the deletion of a complete culture roots


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
yes indeed the ink is running here
gurl u know i love this flow u drop
it so sweet and smooth

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