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Apr 7, 2013
:11100: ladies, we got bigger fish to fry right now. why don't yall release from this deadly embrace?

Instead of seeking opportunities to 'score' off others, try being helpful. At the least, save your self-aggrandizing advice for those who solicit it.


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Jan 22, 2011
Lets see, many people online, only a few are members. Seems as if the greater audience are being entertained by "intellegent" people.


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Dec 13, 2009
When it's used to make another feel small (FAILED!) and as an insult. I couldn't care less at WHOSE request you not use it, just don't come at me all sideways and then run whining to Destee when you reap what you sow.
I will refrain from using certain words if DESTEE says so. Last time I checked this was her site. NOT yours.

When it comes to impunging the honor of my forefathers by LYING about their motives and actions, including my parents, yea, I'm funny that way. I don't stand on the sidelines. I come to their defense. You don't like it, tough. Ya reap what ya sow. :spank:
I did nothing of the sort. But if that's what you choose to believe then so be it.


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Nov 11, 2012
My ancestors? The Irish? No. At the time when your ancestors were being sold into slavery by Arabs and conquering black tribesmen, mine were enslaved to the English. From the early 1600's to the mid 1800's, Irish serfs were bound to the land, told what to do, when to do it, were forbidden the free practice of their religion, free speech, freedom of movement, forbidden to own land, etc. Some called it serfdom to their English masters, but it was slavery.
You cannot make a valid argument for my ancestors enslaving yours.
You are going to claim that in all this time not one of your Irish ancestors lay with the English and you have not a drop of anything other than Irish in you?

I will not argue with that. If you are Irish, you had a period of turmoil. Congratulations. I still don't think it was worse than the Diaspora (though I will admit that the furthest I've gone into Irish lit is Angela's Ashes hahaha) but I still don't find it as bad,

SIMPLY because you had progressed to being Americans and firefighters when we were still being hung with people taking pictures in front of our dead fathers smiling.


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Nov 11, 2012
I have never stated that there is no racism (still waiting for a definition of that term), I have merely stated that not all of the problems of the AA community are because of white racism.
That is because you will not look back far enough. The AA community IS because of what the white racism of past JUSTIFIED TO THEMSELVES. We were RIPPED AWAY FROM OUR HOMES (not all were sold, I'm so sick of hearing that argument--most were TAKEN UNJUSTLY), put in ships to ROT AND **** with each other, Brought to a country where we were "Inferior", raped, ABUSED for SPEAKING OUR LANGUAGE, FORBIDDEN to gather as a COMMUNITY, SOLD away from FAMILY, ABUSED for seeking FREEDOM, MUTILATED, MIXED, DEGRADED, TURNED AND USED AGAINST EACH OTHER, STOLEN FROM (ya, white people still dancing to the AFRICAN STEP like it's not ours, not to mention the STONES THAT SIT ON THE Queen of England's crown, and all African artifacts in WHITE museums worldwide...)

And you are saying that the modern AA community is NOT shaped by WHITE RACISM????

NOT TO MENTION YOUR MODERN OBSESSION WITH BEING TERRIFIED WITH AND INCARCERATING OUR GROWN AA MEN, WITH A MUCH HIGHER LACK OF EMPATHY THAN FOR ANY OTHER RACE! We lose entire generations of Black men, simply because they are tried as adults when they are youths more often, and when they are older are arrested more often than any other race, despite proof that all races commit the same amount of crimes.

Do you HONESTLY believe that doesn't effect the AA community? That this fear of the black man, and thusly FELONIZING of the black man does not SHAPE our children in the community?

FURTHERMORE WE ARE THE ONLY PEOPLE'S HERE THAT WEREN'T ALLOWED TO BRING WITH THEM WHAT THEY HAD!!! IRISH were allowed to bring what they could, ASIANS were allowed to bring what they could fit in their pockets, HISPANIC people FRENCH people, anyone else who came here brought a small sack and did what they pleased in their own homes.

WE HAD OUR FEET CUT OFF, WE HAD OUR BACKS WHIPPED for trying to do what we had once done in Africa.

Did THAT not shape the modern AA Community?

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