Black People : Asians Hiring Mexicans ?

Jan 22, 2001
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Peace and Blessings Family,

I have always seen evidence that Asians, Chinese, Japanese, etc., always have their own people working in their businesses, restaraunts, etc. I have NEVER seen a Black person working in one of these establishments. I remember years ago, someone told me that they REFUSE to hire Black people. So me being me, while ordering my popcorn shrimp from them, i asked, is this true. Do you all refuse to hire Black People, though you are right in the middle of the Black community? The person told me no, that is not true, it's just that they hire their own family Members, but not that they are unwilling to hire Blacks. I said okay. This had to be 10 or 15 years ago.

Even still, i have yet to see a Black person working in or for one of these Asian owned companies. For that matter, i've not really seen anyone other than Asians, working in their businesses, but i don't get out very much, so i can't count what only my eyes see.

Recently i was privy to a discussion between others, where they were talking about how Asians are now hiring Mexicans, to cook their beloved shrimp fried rice, do your toes, dispense Black hair care products, etc. I guess they have reached such a level of success, that all of their Family Members are taken care of, none of them need a job anymore, business is so great, the Mexican does such great work, or a combination of all of the above, allowing them to bring the Mexican into their warm and lucrative fold.

Some folk said they've seen this in Texas, California, and as deep in the country as New Jersey.

Have you all seen this?

Even if it's true, i aint mad that the Mexican is getting a job, or that the Asian is hiring them, i'm just puzzled at how they kept Black Folk out for so long ... even still keeping us out, unless we have money to spend with them ... making it appear as though we are only good for one thing ... building up their wealth, and nothing else.

Nawww ... i can't be mad at them, for seeing our faults and taking full advantage.

But is this what is happening ... have you ordered a shrimp fried taco yet ?


I really don't think that that is the issue. I mean, lets look at this for what it is. At one time "Our People" were just like the Mexicans. There was a point in time when we were known for our hard work...all we wanted was a job and we did it well. Not only did we do it well but we went back to our community and brought our brothers or sisters on board. In other words, we once had that kind of respect in the work world. That was back when all we wanted was better education, a job and the opportunity to better ourselves as a people. That was the type of respect we were once known for.

A lot has happened since then and sadly it hasn't been for the better. We have a different image now as a people...from education, to labor, to prison, to community and self respect...and it has carried over or been sold to other groups who are now wary of us, of our young and of the fact that we are no longer as a group the same people that we once were. This is what I think is really happening. It's bad enough that other groups already have their own preconceived prejudices concerning us as a people, but now we are double d*mned by the fact that we have indeed changed...and not for the better.
Sister Destee, once again someone here has opened my eyes to something I should have seen a long time ago.
My town is not very big. But we do have a variety of businesses here.
Over the years, I have watched our stores taken over by Arabs to the point that there are now virtually none left owned by blacks. But the Asians completely slipped through my radar.
There are restaurants, hair care & clothing stores owned by them here, and only one employs a black....a clothing store (you know, hip hop type clothes that are clearly knock-offs). I never really thought about it until you brought it up (I'm not much into Asia food. Had enough of it when I was stationed in Japan, and I'm a little too old for clothes meant for 20 yr olds). But your perceptions are true, at least in my area.
I would love to support Black-owned businesses, but I am afraid that they are few & far between. In the city, there are absolutely no black neighborhood stores left. The closest to me geographically is a bar-b-que establishment downtown (and trust me, they get my business 100%, as I love me some BBQ).
As for frequenting the Asian places, I remember how I was treated in Japan back in the late 70's. And just like with slavery........."I will never forget!"


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