Chief Elder Osiris : Ascension Is Mental And Not Physical

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    Ascension Is Mental And Not Physical

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    When talking about the elevation of Mind, Body, and Spirit, and we refer to such an activity as an act of ascending, which mean to be raised higher than the norm in your body life, many of us believe that such a movement happen physically, that the body is raised to a higher physical level than where it physically is, and that is not what Divine Ascension imply, beloved.

    When I share Divine information with you, I stay real in that which I share with you concerning our lives need, and my main indication to you is that there has to be a complete turn around in the way we use our Mind, in other word, we must reclaim our Divine Mind if we desire to experience our ascending back to the mental level we were before our Mind was taken over by somebody else mental practice, which cause now, our lives to be guided by those who have a record of abusing the body, Mind, and reducing the spirit of Black so call Afrikan People today.

    Ascension is about experiencing a Mental method of doing things and having the ability to See things as they Divinely Are, the movement in the mind elevation is purely and totally Mental and not physical, and when you are in the motion of experiencing a life Ascension, then you are in the motion of experiencing a Mind change from the Mind use you now are Guided by, and that is referred to as Mental spiritual Ascension, beloved.

    You must see, when you are in the Mental lane path that is Divine, then your entire concept of the things you have been conditioned by somebody else mind to look at and remember from, and remember learning, is learning that is based upon physically acquiring of information that has been recorded and / or told to you by those who have gained control of your mind, and it is information that is there for your discovery or for you to be indoctrinated by for you to remember.

    Meaning that the independent use of your mind in a creative and meditative way, a way by which revelation come, such is not the way when you are functioning on a physical level of remembering what somebody else has established to be True or wrong, Right or False, or has defined words that came from somebody else mind and that mind has been used to abuse the body, mind, and spirit of Black so call Afrikan people, such physical dynamics does not create Divine Ascension, beloved.

    There is physical Ascension and there is Divine Ascension and when physical ascending, it is all about the Social, Economic, Political, and Religious involvement of control by the few over the Mind of the many, and such an Ascension is purely social Status based upon monetary Material gain, and not the gain of your Black Divine Mind, beloved.

    Now, when in the act of Divinely Ascending, it is all about the way you Think, Know, and See that which is beyond the social physical, and is within the intuitive dimension, a dimension that is within yourself and is beyond Mind thought and is on such a dimension where dwell your inner esoteric self, and on such a Divine level that is beyond the Mind consciousness, there is where Divine information originate.

    Therefore, such an awareness is what serve as proof of you being on an ascended level of inner Dimension that is Divine and cause you to express a Divine Spirit in the use of your Divine mind, as such a Mental quality is receiving such Divine intuitive information from such an internal level of Dimension that verify your Divine Ascension, which take place Divinely Mental Esoterically.

    Some unknowing Black folks refer to such highly deeply internal action that take place requiring for you to pass through the corridors of your Divine Mind into the depth of your intuitive inner dimension, putting you in the know of such a internal happening as being a act of Mythological claim, they defining mythology as being false and make believe, and such an ignorant claim come from the mind of those who function under the mind of Lucifer, the oppressors of Black so call Afrikan people, and Lucifer being the thief that robbed Black people of our Divinity, causing us not to be able to See anymore, and it is the Divinity of our Mind that qualify us to be able to see beyond the physical, such being an act of ascending back into our Divine Mind, beloved.

    Beloved, in 2010 there is in the making of organizing a Divine Spiritual Retreat for Black people who desire to put into motion a reclaiming our Divine Spirituality, which require for you to be ready to reclaim your Divine Mind and those of you who know of the mental power of collectivism and would like to be a part of this Divine Spiritual Story of an event that you can pass down to generation of Black people to come, then contact IsisWisdom at the E-Mail

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    Be Kind To Your Self Beloved

    Chief Elder
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