Black Poetry : As We Sleep


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Mar 17, 2001
South Jersey
United States Air Force
She is my woman; beautiful her; dancing in solitude to love drums
Sounds akin to those of my beating heart in counts of two
My name is forever written in her mind and soul
As she sleeps, she compels me to give myself to her completely

I sleep within the soft boundaries of this sensual soul sister
Charmingly elegant; she peacefully rests in her silent exhales
Thoughts of me; the one who gives her heartfelt pleasure
Shhh…watch her sleep in her beatific womanly grace

He is my man; my soulmate; my lover; my friend
With our bodies intertwined, we become one entity
Love creatures of habit; tranquil beasts with no burdens
As he sleeps, he appears appreciating and content that I am his

I sleep within the strong confines of this beautiful black brother
Safe and secure in his touch; carefully watched and protected
Loved a million times to infinity-then loved some more
Shhh…watch him sleep in his accommodating manly poise

I am your man


I am your woman

Our hearts belong to no other

Our mutual mental essence is like a pulsating love vein
Vibes flow like passion's blood; comforting and sustaining us
As we sleep, we replenish our love reserves to overflowing

We sleep inside ourselves and hold each other gently and sure
The comfort remains there in believing we share the same lifeline
Strengthened by this connection; our bond is pure; our union is true
Shhh…watch us sleep and experience what love is and how to love


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