Black Poetry : As The World Turns

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    da south............ATL
    As I'm sittin' on my porch watchin' all the people pass
    And the drama that I grasped
    While they talk with sass
    When I know everything about their @ss

    See, look over there
    In the corner at those two together
    They look all lubby dubby don't they? Chile, you couldn't be farther
    They ain't even together
    He's the neighborhood player
    He don' had everybody in my yard and morer
    And her
    Well, let's just say that sistah ain't so kosher
    She dumber than dumb and dumber
    He just got out the hospital from gonorrhea
    And she just let him **** her
    In my basement of all places, no place is nastier
    They should be together
    Because the connection couldn't be realer
    Oh junk, look there go his girl walking their way and she couldn't look angrier
    Man, I tell ya this **** couldn't be funnier
    She mainly mad because he didn't invite her
    So, I did. I just couldn't take him playin' her
    That was my girl and she deserved the world
    Not some squirrel
    Dannnnnng, my girl just jumped on top of her
    BOOM!!!! BANG!!!! Dang, you should see what she's doin' to his car for starter
    Dang, someone should stop her
    But I ain't he deserves this **** after what he did to her

    Oh, no she didn't just come to my party
    Look at the door, is that her shorty
    Yeah that's her, she crashing my party
    Ain't no use in confrontin' her cause she gon' get it anyway after what she did to my shorty
    Chile, I tell ya. I got to tell ya the story
    Dee-dee don' said the baby was my homies
    Two weeks ago he got the results from the paternity
    And found out it wasn't even his and he been payin' child support to her shorty
    Nard gon' beat her down. Look, see what I tell ya!!!!!
    There he go, he headin' her way with Fatima
    His real baby mama
    More drama
    They finna get her
    Dang, I can hear her cussin' her out all the way over here
    Dang, was that a piece of hair
    Aw man, she pulled her shirt now she left bare
    I don't even know why she came. I didn't invite her
    That was her fault, triflin' heifer

    Look at that (awwww, ain't that sweet)
    He's holdin' Monique's new baby
    But it ain't his baby
    He just playin' pappy
    He knows she been fooling around on him with somebody nappy
    He light skinned and mixed and the baby's hair is nappy
    She thought she could get away with it and make a fool of Mannie
    But Mannie ain't stupid he knows that ain't his baby
    He always told me
    That he loved her and if she had a baby he was ready
    To bad it ain't his but he still the pappy
    Ain't no other brotha gon' treat her as lovely
    Ain't that some junk? That man always wanted to be a daddy
    Now, she gon' have one and make another brother the daddy
    Dang, why that triflin' heifer got to be in family :uhoh:

    Look, there go uncle bobby and his new wife, they crack heads
    They had a baby and it was addicted to that stuff on the reg
    She spending more money on the baby than her now that it's said
    They always stealing stuff from me and their son pees in my bed
    I don't like them but they family even if they speds
    Mama said never turn my back on my family even if she was dead
    So, I invited them but I locked my room and took the sheets off the beds
    You can't put anything over a crack head
    I put all my meat downstairs in that refrigerator and eggs
    Put a lock on it and gage
    Don't want to come back to nothin' and in rage

    Oh junk my ex is headin' this way
    I just don't know what to say
    He is fine and handsome in every way
    But I just can't be by him today
    I always do crazy junk every time he smiles my way
    And I'm not talkin' about fallin' over stuff and forgettin' what to say
    I'm talking about actually puttin' stuff on lay- away
    You know, I never met anyone that had that kind of hold on me but hey
    Everybody got to be played a fool by someone and this is my Ray
    Ray was a drug dealer and car thief back in day
    That was when I met him and I was that way
    But every since he got sent up river he been str8 away
    He str8 but I can tell by his smile he wants some of me today
    C'mon, you got to keep up I'm goin' in the house to get away

    Dang, I had to bump right into Dre
    That's what this party is for today
    Me and Dre are celebrating our engagement today
    We been together for a while but decide to wed after the baby
    What baby?
    That's right it ain't no baby well at least not anymore and he still want to be my baby
    I kiss him on the lips gently and head to the kitchen to get rib by

    Mama sittin' at the table feedin' Robert
    Robert was a player
    Back in the days and a real flirt
    But now since he can't walk he just hurts
    He was shot in the spine and now he can't walk or flirt
    By somebody's man who caught him f-ing her
    Man, it was a lot of drama behind that cause I had to get Ray to get him back for a dinner
    Dinner as in date to make it better
    I almost fell for him but remember what I had at home with Dre was greater
    Robert was grateful and now he stays with us on the regular
    Oh, did I mention that was my cousin? I forgot to mention that earlier.

    I looked at him and I had to get myself some kool-aid
    Somebody was in living room and knocked my table over after something was said
    I ran out there and it was Dre and Ray
    fighting away
    ****, I can't believe Ray
    Not today :uhoh:
    I ran over and got Dre off of him and he had alot to say
    Had to take him upstairs and handle him the right way
    Nothin' else to say
    On this topic anyway :blush:

    I was walking downstairs to go back to my party and I heard sqeeking in the guest room
    I opened the door and I saw doom
    It was my teenage cuzin' ridin' some dude
    To say I was surprised wasn't even the word dude
    I was angry and surprised for my cuzin' boo
    The dude was my white neighbor from across the way who
    Acted all sincere when he brought a case of booze
    I threw their clothes at them and kicked the white boy out my house for good
    I held my cuzin' in the room and changed my mood
    I talked calm to her although that wasn't my real mood
    I told her about the consequence and what I planned to do
    She pleaded for me not to tell her mama and I think I should
    But I didn't and she promised she would make it up and I knew she would
    I just took her allowance away from her cause I always broke her off my paycheck because she was good
    Dang, but why did she have to do it to that dude?
    Especially in my neighborhood

    Dang, it was three o'clock in the morning and nobody had made an initiative to leave
    I was mad because I wanted them to go and behave
    But they couldn't so I was ready to kick them out when the police came up in my house askin' for the music to be turned down, Officer Dave
    He said the white boy from across the way had called in a rage
    I knew way because I threw him out my house and on the pave
    But I wasn't mad I just kicked everybody out and gave them the rest of the food, no need to save
    Came by my side and I kissed him goodnight and he turned gray
    He always did when he left me everyday
    This was nothing new but I was tryin' to have another baby
    You dig? If you don't, I still like it this way

    As the World Turns
    There is lots of drama and burns
    No one world turns without the burns
    No one will learn
    Unless they are burned
    And no one will yearn unless someone around them is stern
    There is much drama to come and go
    And this was just the drama in my back yard yo
    I didn't say I didn't have any no
    Unlike some people I put mine's in there too so
    No, I do have drama but I choose to face mine at the do'
    Cause I know sooner or later they are going to be on my flo'
    And I will step on them mo' and mo'

    Yo, I got the idea for this poem at a party I threw at my house. Everything in it is real. There is nothin' fake about it. I just wanted everybody to know that after the drama you have to face it even more.
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    nice drop was that a poem or a story
  3. krazelyricks

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    da south............ATL
    I know, I had to write it like that Rich cause I wanted to get the reader all into it. Thanks Rich.
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    Sure was a lot going on at that party. Hey, we can just consider this a long narrative poem. I was into this, kept reading to see what would happen next. You kept it interesting for us with your flow.
  5. krazelyricks

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    da south............ATL
    Watz, my family and friends ain't nothin' but drama. You should have ben at the Barbeque we had last month over our house. The party went on for about an hour before the cops were called. :huh: I tell ya this all they know. They don't know anything else. They bring it on themselves though. Thanks for the read. I'm so glad you like it and was all into it. :thanks:
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    :thanks:....this was soo long!!!! but good:D
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    This was better than buying a book from the store...sure did get and kept my attention. thanks for sharing.
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    I do know what you're sayin, girl. I can always look around and know what's really goin on in tha room - it's a trip n a half. I think that's why I have trouble gettin into fiction, is cause who needs it. Tupac once said about drama, "in south central LA, it don't get no stranger." I have to respectfully disagree with Pac. It's strange everywhurr. ;)
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    da south............ATL
    SwtT: Yeah, I know it's long but what can I say but alot went down at the party. Thanks for the read and glad you liked it. :thanks:

    Queen: Glad you was feelin' it and it kept your attention. My fam keeps my attention too. :lol:

    Gempis: Thanks for feelin' and understandin' this. There is no need for fiction when you got real drama goin' on under your own roof. Yo, thanks for the read and good lookin' out gempis. :spin:
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    Where the book at?

    I'm feeling your style you better hit up the publishers and get your stuff out there correct me if i'm wrong unless you already have.
    Much love and respect!!!