Chief Elder Osiris : As Long As Afrika Remain A Divided Continent

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    As Long As Afrika Remain A Divided Continent Afrikans Will Remain A Fallen Divided

    By Chief Elder Osiris Nation

    The Spirit of the Black Afrikan in America has an effect upon the Black Afrikan in Afrika as well as Afrika as a Continent, so as long as Afrika is of a condition of being Partitioned into separate States masquerading around as being countries simply because that is the way the Human Being has decided to organized themselves geographically, it does not mean that is the way the Divine Beings organized themselves when they walked upon this planet in that area known to be referred to as Afrika today.

    Our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors came to this solar system being Universal Divine Beings, because they were of a universal precept and concept of themselves and of the Divine Essence and both Universe, so when they came to this planet, they perceived of themselves as being a universal Being, taking up resident upon a New Baby Body planet in a Different Solar System from their own, which came to be referred to by the Human Being as Earth, our Divine First Way Ancestors considered themselves to be Residents of this planet without boundaries, so at that Time, our First Way Ancestors were Resident of this Universal object, now referred to as Earth, while remaining to be a native of origin in their Home away from where they original reside in the Universe, in a Far Away Galaxy.

    So beloved, the primary concept of our First Way Ancestors were not that of a perceived Divided Nation, because they knew that a People that are of a Divine genetic Nature do not and will not subscribe to becoming a Nation of People Divided and engulf in Tribalism, because such people with disrespect of themselves, display a mentality that will and does lead to a Nation Divided, caused by such a perceived concept of themselves, and has the audacity to practice establishing such a social disorder that does in fact contribute to the Dividing of a People and a Land continent, whose destiny is to become a Fallen Nation of People as well as a Divided Land, Afrika, which is a part of this Planet Earth, as it is call today.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    So, A Nation Divided of itself ,is a Nation that will not stand the challenge required to reunite itself, beloved, because such a division is only applicable to the Human Being Way of socializing themselves, beloved, and you did not start out your stay upon this planet with the Mind belief of a Human Being, but with the Divine Mind Thoughts of a Divine Universal Being, beloved.

    So all that we here on this Internet talk about concerning the state of condition of Black People upon this Planet today, if your Talk is not about unifying the Black Nation and the Afrika Continent, then your Talk is as chaff before the Wind, which cause it to be meaningless and is without the proper foundation needed to rebuild a Fallen Nation upon, and is without the desire to erase the phony boundary lines that Divide the Continent of Afrika, which make you to have been reduced to the level of the nature of a Human Being, because our First Way Ancestors were Divine Beings, while a Resident of the Continent of Afrika and was Explorers of the Planet Earth, when they were here on this planet, as well as being Universal Natives with a Universal Perception and Concept about all things of and in the Universe, beloved.

    Beloved, Real Divine Revolutionaries Warriors, there are a very few that can be founded acting out their seriousness in words, on this Internet, it has been revealed that most who participate in empty and vain talk here on the Internet, they are not qualified to be referred to as Warriors willing to do what is needed to be done that will be for the rise of a united Black Nation in Afrika and for the purging of the leeches in Afrika so that Afrika can become Afrika again.

    A Warrior is someone who will defend her or his honor with dignity and with determination of conviction, and with love and respect for their Nation and Land, the two being One with and to each other, but on the other side for action, there are soldiers of Black people on this Internet, they are willing pawns who take orders without question or reservation about the orders coming from and is given by those people with a history of lying and deceiving Black People, those are the quality of Black Human Beings that frequent this Internet talking useless talk just to hear the sound of the key board transforming its click sound to become the representative of the voices of those communicating on the Internet in forum of discussion, having not a verified goal that indicate Afrika and Black Afrikan People need to be reunited again, to and with each other, what a disgrace of useless Black Energy without Self Elevating Power.

    As long as Lucifer is successful in keeping Black folks ignorant to the Divine Meaning, Purpose, and use of Reparation, Afrika will remain to be a shell of its Land and the Black Afrikan Nation will continue to be the Fallen Divided people without power and authority in the world, thus without respect of self, nor can get respect from other people, and at such a low and disrespecting position of Afrika and Black People, then being Human fit certain Black People well, as we rejoice in our debased Humanity, doubting with the use of belief, of never having been Divine Beings.

    Beloved as the saying goes, Talk is cheap, but Thinking come with a very high cost, because it require for you to be able to profoundly Reason above and beyond the status of Belief, Faith, and Hope, such serve as stumbling blocks that prevent you from being qualified to be Rational and Logical when determining the Divine Truth and Reality of any approaching Matter of challenge, to your Black Life Sovereignty.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]