Black Men : As I go Forth !

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    The future will show nothing more then the skies meeting the sea by the sun God,
    mortal man and humanity will be gone , foresaken under the flood by it's own
    destruction , we not aim for greed but to stop the bleed of unjustice america that
    has claim lives / destroyed the past & present , I come here today in hope that
    my people awaken from the mental sleep of slavery and come from under the total
    mind control to rethink there journey find there history place and stand up for there
    rights , I say unto you that this calling is not to pay even score but to enlighten
    with a missionary means to score equalities from slavery !
    We have witness the change from the other side how they gave up the sheets for
    the badges, we have witness the governmental control in the political arena with
    corruption due to our lack of, we also witness history dating back beyond 500 years
    or more and still today we are even more advance/ better resources/ stronger division
    and yet blind. We have let the enemy teach our children ways to break there laws
    forbidden them rights to there historic rich history, so I say unto you bruthas
    let's heal the open wound not by anger nore with violance but with our minds of deed
    we once was known as the greater Gods thy Kings and Rulers of all nations rooted back
    into time itself. So today i call for peace but with awareness to fight the pits of fire
    with fire to lead us to our prosperity and not there evil liberty of no freedom in today's
    modern slavery, we have lived off the backs of other great warriors , praise them as
    our HERO's and now we sit still in motion seeking /looking for our next blueprint to
    arrive , O' my fellow brothers he's here! been here at birth upon this land.
    And you say where is he / who is this hero / what will he do or provide for you,and I
    say unto you "from within thee he lay, for thy hero is within if you just stand" their is
    no other then oneself a born leader. Our brainwashing has stolen the third eye , strip
    our thinking to who we are and what we can do , now brothers today it will take us in
    total collective to reverse this before the earth clock completes it full circle of life.

    I speak to you from the

    "hill of the lookout mountain, from the bottom of poverty
    I speak from the heart that believe and from the soul of pain, yes i speak unto you
    with pride as well sorrow for my eyes have seen walls fall and walls built against us
    I speak for equality and justice, for freedom and prosperity for humanity and good
    living i so speak for the cages of known cells to fall and for the laws of the land to
    change, black men jailed to be given redemption for the broken minds to mend in
    greater unity and the voices to be lifted in unisonic reasons" ,

    as i go forth I leave
    this with you !
    That all man was created equal as thy woman of thy rib to stand beside thee not
    before nor behind for thy Queeneth is the true mothering of life ! as i go forth
    I say be not afraid nor with doubt which will hinder all purpose to the mission taken
    move not with physical force but mental force , let's move beyond the religion of
    division which separate us as humans and embrace The Heritage we all was born
    under for it's rich soil and plant the goodness seeds for the future is near and yet end
    let us change what's before us , change our thinking , change these measures of evil
    change the I to we , Change how we support, change the direction we in because
    where we going is not where we been or from so make that change ! as i go forth,
    wit love let us become a people for the people as a people of a nation .