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Dec 25, 2015
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Thou Shalt Not Kill


So there are nine levels to Heaven, and man was born on level eight. He fell seven levels and came out at Hell’s gate, dead from sin. Then at winter’s end, he rose again, but wait, let me tell you about his fate and the 30 year journey he had to take before his life begin, a hunter in a battle he’s not meant to win, on Earth, a void with no form at it’s worst. A place made for those who are cursed, ouch, that hurts! At one time, it, was the body of Tiamet, the womb from which all life was birthed. A virgin with the tail of a snake, severed by a tremendous weight, love threw her a curve. Never suspected her own until it was too late. Can’t kill and say love, when it’s hate!

Speak of Kill? Yes Ki and Ll, protege of Anu. Savior’s of Niburu, passed by the rubble, saw she was in trouble with creatures just right for their rule. They took mamma’s pieces, developed a species and declared themselves King of the day, who knew? All Female, they sought to make them swell, once erect they became me and you! A dam shamed, called Eve, had a son by Ki called K'n and one by Ll, called Seth, well after Adam fell, do tell. The real question is how did we get to hell?

With me so far? So here we are, living in Terra, still killing like the image we mirror, determined to show there’s no fear of, whatever it is we are scared of, but terrified of it anyway, that’s not love. They say we were put in a garden, a gold mine we were to work hard in, while Ll was doing the Lording, Ki gave mankind a pardon, a seed saved to restart him if he K'n with No Ah, but an Ea.

Yet Ah, is the life, we need it, Yhvh Ka'nn curse all you want , but believe it. you breathe it Anu an Ki must concede it, Ll wins in the end as I read it. El Lah, means the one, the lord in heaven, sent by Anu to show Ea what his rth was really worth. He flooded the land to show them that clay can be turned back to dirt, it worked! They came to understand, Anokhi Elohim Ani rule all men, in Kemet that means, I am that I am, to ANKH er their lives less they forgot again like Adam. Then came Abram, grandson and a mixture of Shem and Ham, of No Ah, from Terah He ran a lot, to the promised land.

So, in case you have yet to catch on, this is a story from Aleph to Tov and how we came to call it God the father. The Vow of Ll to rule the man thru a spell upon his daughter. Sophia the wise, the serpent bearer, the virgin was part snake, a thirteenth sign, the hidden one she makes her own head ache, trying to get home. But before I go any further, let’s recap where we’ve gone. All was at peace then with a bang of a comet, the world broke into to fourteen pieces. Eight primordial energies and six planets with species, it was chaos.

Never to be out done, each planet came with a sun and a moon or 2 until 22 called the Aleph Bet were begat and got things put in order, first father, then son must master the world, then comes mother and daughter. Such an amazing feat, how God used numbers, pictures and sounds to teach, so the gnostic would be his sheep, growing strong from the head to the feet, in the Aries that I am. Ruled by Mars, strong as a Ram, either be or die, I’m ahead in the story though, cause that’s level 5, let’s go back to right after man died, and fell, from eternal heaven to the bowels of hell, and came alive.

His desire to live was the drive. As he fell his nature was embraced by all of the planets and his was given qualities from each to help him survive. His journey was long and dangerous, they bestowed both humility and pride, a stare that would turn a man to stone and a magic Lion’s hide. He had a sickle to chop thru the weeds of life and a club to tame the beast, so he could ride on an *** up high, so the snake can’t bite his feet, like it’s his own tail, but that’s another tale. Just know that when dirt mixed with water hits air it breeds life, from Scorpio to Cancer, in the manger with strangers, the poor man must fight, just to be born.

Cancer, or K'n sir, was the pride of Ki’s Earthly stock, there in the fold, he protected the animals that Ll’s son Abel would not, He killed a bull and K'n made his blood feed the crops, tamed the bull then made a tent for the Ox and called him father, the staff that was yoked to his neck, his name was ‘L and with his mouth he made the sound, Ah, but he had no head and could not hear. Locked inside my chest, I nurture family ties, I feel strongly, as the moon rules level 1, I can’t rest. Creeping like a crab, I must confess, when I think about deceit in the community and analyze tricks played on my health, Level 2 just came too soon for me, Mercury embraces stealth, you have a choice to make, go back around the mountain or take heavens gate. Go on contemplate.

Okay there is a message in the sounds on level one, so you decide to go around to 2 until they’re done, A and B came out as father GDH, behold a God. The Leo in my heart so full of love I will here seem odd until you VZCHTE like a JKL and nail your penis to a fence, MNSaaPhTz QRST support religion like Mike Pence. Now level 3 of Heavan is at Taurus the bull is full of lust, ruled by Venus I have partners in whom I trust to keep me balanced as the son of man is thrust behind the scenes. At level 4 sits The Lion king.

Now we are half way to our destiny, almost home, in father’s palace, where we have a throne, or so we long to, on the right side, never wrong. We talked about Mars on level 5, how the Ram at the head produced pride, Brash and bold your sex drive will thrive with a purpose. I see riches between your thighs, believing subconsciously the world is your oyster with Jupiter at your feet, hook the fish of your pride, Pisces sits at level 6.

At the 7th heaven swimming in a Seth pool, the son of Eve and Ll makes his own rules, with plots and lies, he’ll peirce your eyes, while his favorite men attend the best schools. He makes the rest fools, this is your last test too, I know you’ll rest too, in peace. To master Set is quite a feat, just to get home. Capricorn to Aquarius, a goat with a tail and a man with his feet in water, thanks God he has hands to hang on, the same song, take life head on.

That brings us back to the Rays rising, the Sun of a Set peeks ov'r the horizon, he’s a Heru, never keep her from you, Asar is he who Atum waits for you, so be cool, stop fantasizing. The only sin of man is not thinking to the end just as I Thoth, reason before senses is the Khi to the dimensions man has sought. At the Gate of heaven stands Orion, he killed the Bull, the king of Zion, once again we could only watch the great Hunter fall.

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