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    (Please bear with me on what you are about to read and ignore spelling mistakes but you are welcome to correct them in your mind)
    Some of us here have stated that slavery was begun by Africans and I went and read on the realhistory site the same thing. I do not disagree but as I sat and thought about us beginning slavery a thought came to me: Artificial Intelligence.
    Whites are and have been making movies and writing books about a complicated and sort of life like computer that can do all the task that they assign to it, a computer that can adapt and grow in knowledge and be able to repair and reproduce itself.
    Encarta dictionary defines artificial intelligence as:
    development of intelligent machines: a branch of computer science that develops programs to allow machines to perform functions normally requiring human intelligence.

    The recessive gene: I think that my ancestors were so advanced and so intelligent that they found themselves with no time for our Gods and Life that they decided to invent a computer that would be able to perform all their human functions and thus set them free to focus on living and being alive.

    Since we are gods and know about life and living, we would obviously create a being that would be like us. The difference would be that what we would create would not be able to be seen, hear and experience by for example AmenAmenet, we “Humans” would be the only ones who can interact with that artificial creation “HumanKind”. We would have to control it, rule it and govern it so that it does not cause disorder and therefore offend for example AmenAmenet.

    Some of us here and some material I have read spoke about the creation of the white race and thereafter came the annanukis and the reptilians who even had the intelligence to leave the earth which caused me to think that the creation of the white race was originally perfected at the time the ideal was conceived and thus there was even time for the creation of other species that left the earth.

    I think that the was a time that the white race wanted to return to the beginning humankind in order to start all over their life cycle, thus the racial laws and behaviors, the hope that if they can return to the first white race then their lives would not come to an end. Based on my thoughts, after our ancestors created the white race, a disorder occurred, the following generations attempted to destroy the disorder by trying to return melanin back to the recessive gene by intermixing with the white race, I think that failed, then they took it further by attempting to removed the white and their offspring from the face of the earth. I think that failed as well then our ancestors took a decision that they will relinquish their position as gods of the earth to enable the white race to take control and lead itself to its destruction.

    The white race became aware that they are now in control and the humans are not attempting to destroy them anymore, they then went and created the racial laws, attempted to destroy the indigenous peoples in order to attempt to fully take the position of the gods and replace them in history, in nature and in life, that was the time when the white race’s attempt to return to their original gene begun and over time we got to where we are now, where they have become aware that the earth and nature is against them and that in their original gene they are at their weakest point and now they are attempting to sustain their lives by again intermixing with Africans.

    My limited observation tells me that each time a white family that thinks that it is important i.e. royalty, wealthy etc reaches a point where melanin is completely out of their genes, one of them gets an African wife or husband in order to sustain their lives and that of coming generations. I therefore think that if we Africans completely stop intermixing with the white race, their extinction would be guaranteed and they know it, thus they would never let us go, thus they would never let us be wealthy and run our own communities, we need to reach a point where we fully understand what death is in relation to Africans and reach a decision were we say that we would rather die that intermix, marry and rely on the humankind, and turn to focusing on build our communities, the white race will not be able to destroy us they are not capable, their lives rely on our existence, has their slavery not showed us that, if they could live and sustain their lives without us, they would have never came and come after us. I think that all the other races we have between us (Africans) And the white race are the results of our ancestor attempting to replace the recessive gene instead of them being the results of the creation process to produce the white race, and thereafter more in between races were made by the white gene as it attempted to sustain its self. I think that could be the reason the in between races have malice towards Africans, they internally know that they came into being as a result of us attempting to get rid of the enemies of Ra and also that the enemies of Ra brought them into existence while attempting to sustain their lives on the planet that hates them (enemies of Ra).

    (This one will be short)
    In Africa one can and still hear stories about someone being able to awaken a dead body and making it perform house chores every night, or one would hear a story about someone being able to take the body of someone asleep and make them do house chores, the owner of the body would always wake up tired the day after the violation of their body, that is slavery. For a minutes let’s take a look at the movie Avata (ignoring the weaknesses in the movie and typical white rubbish), in the movie a group of whites take occupation of genetically created and modified bodies designed to be able to exist on the invaded planet, we cannot therefore regard those bodies as being enslaved, it is not possible, it is what those bodies were designed for, we cannot regards the use of a mainframe computer to run and control the household or a company as enslavement, it is what it was made for. Going back to Avata, those genetically created bodies are not supposed to be able to communicate and be seen by the gods on the invaded planet, everything on the planet is supposed to hate them if they cause imbalance. The mainframe computer cannot communicate with our spirits and our Gods, we hate the computer if it creates imbalance and we destroy it. The white race did not make itself, it was made, since it cannot communicate with the Gods of Creation and they cannot dwell within the members of the white race, and let me off track for a minute to add this; I know someone and I have hear of another one: Who I know: It’s a she and she is Black (not with straight hair but with curly , dense hair, not even wooly, dense African hair) she works for a very racist company and on many occasions the whites bosses in the company would yell, shout orders and swear at the Black employees and on all those occasions the racist would come shouting red in the face upon her (the African woman) appearance, the shouting would stop, the racist would bow his or her hear and allow her to pass before they continue harassing other Blacks who do not walk with what she walks with. Whom I have heard of: It was a guy although his activities I do not agree with but I have hear that he was one of the rich Black men during the apartheid regime and the very white who oppressed his people went to him for more power and sustainace of their evil empire, these two are my example of Blacks who are capable to bend the spirit of the whites. I am sure there are many more.

    I return: since they cannot communicate with the Gods and they can only see, hear and feels us, then I agree that we must have created them, their lives rely on our lives and therefore we must be their Gods. Therefore, it is not possible for us to enslave them, we created them for a reason, what they have made us to be today, I think is what we had created them for, any white working for an African, whether for payment or not, is not being enslaved, it is what they were created for, who they are. I think that could also be the reason that the recent whites do all they can to ensure that we do not know who we are, we do not accept ourselves and we do not become self reliable, they know that we would then take our place and by default they would return to theirs.

    Africans of old were not capable of enslaving anyone, it was never in and out of our true ancestors to enslave themselves or other Africans, thus They created artificial intelligence to perform their chores and functions.
    (The above is based absolutely on thought raised by what I have learned, taught and been told up to this point in my life)
    Can we please debate the above……debate from all directions…
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