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    Art of War and Peace both are within each other as one has the super ego surged on destroying without love and the other is more love with concern about business and economics. Art of Peace provides one with love and care plus the ability to see perceptively using business and economics of sound measure presently and future. Peace is the way. Art is the tool. Left brain provides the creativity while the right brain provides the spiritual connection of understanding peace.

    Rules for engagement:

    1. Self needs land for sustainability.
    2. Self needs a business suiting oneself gifts and talents.
    3. Self needs a sources of income to produce outcome as peace.
    4. Self needs to be aware of every religion on this earth that moves the majority and minority.
    5. Like Six Sigma cut off all waste in life to be used as recyclable monies. Great investment tool!
    6. Remember this is monopoly so in real life the game is setup where you need shelter by exchanging property for monetary value; though if investing in a poor neighborhood your options could increase therefore also increasing the chance of artfully redesigning the poor neighborhood, though probably in poor emotional condition plus the morale into a loving and peaceful community.
    7. You will need your paintbrushes! Your paintbrushes are the people with skills, gifts and talents which are pretty much same to a degree. From reconstruction to a neighborhood team of beautifiers and so this increases morale and in return on investment decreases man-made laws as crimes written called criminology. Children are saved, muthahood grows stronger and fatherhood is created if not already grows gradually and steady. The minds of the masses look at pride as being a bad thing but if you have no positive pride in yourself as the community then of course the community has no future as there is nothing to be proud of.
    8. Create a place of entertainment or better yet cultural affairs where kids get to see themselves within the culture they are best suited fore. Build a school in that neighborhood also with the muthas teaching the children and of course feeding them too! This is the village mentality while the fathers are off making money. Each has their role and accept it sow the children cannot grow up confused of how to act sexually perceptively plus know how to lead rather than follow. First the teachers must get educated on many subjects and there are courses online providing associate degrees and even bachelors degree black-centric. Muata Ashby is one elder who has a pretty affordable price and great music.

    (Diary of a Black Man)