Black Poetry : Arrived at the club deprived of lovebut survived a hug delivered by a chickstarted to quiver quick and licked her lipsclub a boss sitebut lost m


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May 11, 2006
time has arrived for him to rhyme
and jive, nickel and dime
don't matter must climb
the corporates ladder
"SO BOO it don't matter
we love each other
girl you sweet like peach butter
float love galore
like a boat I hug the shore
be swimming in linen
while my whip wheels spinning
and that's only the beginning
"NAW PLAYER: my panties not
up for grabs, one boy's plot
was to take my cake at home
shut the door and while we alone
bam bam thank you mam oh my
panties would be so hot down there
if that happen after rapping juice everywhere
so I said no y lips was red doe but no can do
he didn't leave i guess he plan to
try anyway but I had a plenty to say

but survived a hug
delivered by a chick
started to quiver quick
and licked her lips
club a boss site
but lost my appetite
my luck a threat
wow very upset
about losing my job
not soothing being a slob
keep grooving involved
with survival a doorknob
awaits, grab the car keys
and go to the bar with these
thoughts on my mind
now see a Philippine girl
she seem to twirl
butt, on the table is wine
but unable to find
the right chick
this Philippine chick sweet tonight
and I have to keep sight
of her, its romance galore
on the dance floor
with a chance to score
he has a strong crush
on her now an onrush
of love talk, so look boo
he's shook over you
girl you thrill and alert
you have skill of an expert
your love clutter the skies
like butterflies
it flirt among flowers
giving you young powers
in the bed room showers
your breasts with dove soap
body make a club smoke
the DJ
be hey
I need a cake date boo
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