Black Poetry : arrange my raps to set strange traps for a scene of production // Its extreme corruption, see an a

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    arrange my raps
    to set strange traps
    for a scene of production //
    Its extreme corruption,
    see an affair
    and prepare
    for suction //
    saw a dame brown
    and i came down
    with a case of the flu
    her lace so true
    will chase a boo gonna wanna taste her stew
    right here in Virginia Beach at AJ GATORS this i prefer woopi doo
    she strut so swift and hot
    right here in front of the gift shop
    i had to rap with her she strap with a map wearing fur bootylicious
    like Beyonce maybe a cutie suspicious and really now my duty is vicious
    out front is WITCHDUCK ROAD
    i itch for luck and a code
    that will work rap friction
    and adapt a composition
    and having a map is tradition
    flirt is her style boo,
    she's alert and wild too
    and she stay ready to twerk
    get strange greeting
    when i arrange a meeting
    with hot chicks
    not quick
    to give up,text galore
    and next door
    is the very quick
    SO BOO I looked at your thighs
    and they took me by surprised
    so brown and sweaty
    butt so round and ready
    have to recognize
    beauty make a wish
    rise start singing
    leaving my heart clinging
    to love so now i realize
    that we must date
    trust me with your cake
    if I'm hypnotize
    this is a new day
    and yesterday flew away
    like birds on crack
    now my words are fact,
    intense love
    can convince a club
    to back
    down but right now at AJ GATORS
    have to stay away from haters
    they're stray "Raiders
    of a Lost Ark like INDIANA JONES they're debaters
    carrying a whip, you got breasts and flirt
    and the booty is the rest of the work,
    I thumb through book
    and get some new looks
    at best knowledge
    and yes college
    is in the makings, so boo let me git wit
    you and suck a tit or two, "
    NAW PLAYER tit for tat
    gonna have to rap good to git that
    so concentrate
    try dominate with EBONICS
    and like the DELFONICS
    words combinate
    and "Trying to Make a Fool Out of Me"and with my body "Didn't I Blow
    your mind this time didn't I" you want my cake to soothe
    you best go and "make that move"
    like SHALAMAR and you want my thing oh well
    you can "ring my bell"
    like ANITA WARD I'm so hot down there you can tell
    juice is around everywhere
    destine here and there but end up in bed

    Always do stealth rapping
    but something else happens
    the **** //
    Microphone blew up
    but after true luck
    I manage to slam- //
    Dunk some cats
    with dumb stats
    didn’t think it would come //To that
    but it did, left my script in a ship had to drown some //
    Clown fishes with bait on hook but wait I’m shook it numb //
    My fingers, write quotes
    that excite folks and ignite the hopes //
    Of being a rapper,
    now seeing chapters
    with words that chokes //
    In contest bless make it begin
    and get great wins
    my words soaks //
    In brain like water in a sponge
    slaughter and plunge
    into rivers //
    Swim for my life
    above the rim with strife
    my best menu delivers //
    Pizzas like DOMINOS have great expectation
    no mistakes correct //Situations,
    it get intensive in school
    have to use expensive tools
    check //
    and take complex looks at the index stuff vexed and shook //
    Turn pages
    and burn stages
    like faulty spotlights
    its hot and bright
    took //
    Notes in class
    with the hopes to pass
    the test, and get a good grade //
    HIHOP is a bold master tune
    I took a whole afternoon
    off just afraid //
    To listen to some hits
    but come to git
    props for legit hot drops that made //
    A splash, got strong pride
    rhyming techniques
    that wreck streets //
    In HIPHOP I’m hot grown plenty big
    and not a guinea pig
    and these defeats //Many you dig?
    Fry trout
    jest to try out
    this new flavor
    it’s true and major //
    For my taste buds
    I will erase scrubs
    with my battle voice
    then saddle a horse //
    And ride out of town don’t step to this you have a choice //