Black People Politics : Army Tanks On St. Louis,Mo. Streets !

Discussion in 'Black People Politics' started by Seksen, Jun 26, 2012.

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    For those who are not aware, the U.S. Military are practicing war games on the streets of America. Over the weekend they were held in St. Louis Mo. There were over 100 pieces of equipment on the streets. If you know anything about the military (which I do), practices are only done in preparation for presumed or impending events. Therefore the government is anticipating a revolt or riots in the American streets because of the dis-satisfaction of her people with the way that the government is pushing them toward captivity,slavery, total collapse and imprisonment. This news event was taken down from the national news outlets because they want the citizens to remain asleep and unaware of what is just around the corner and headed directly toward them. You had better start preparing your stock pile of necessaties before it is too late. Most other people have already done this because they keep their eyes and ears open to the changes that are in the air. Look at some of the other clips when this one ends. This is not fake it is really scary, omenous, and real. Peace