Black People : armstrong gets paid by bush

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    Conservative pundit, Armstrong Williams, has been paid $240,000 to vocalize his support of the No Child Left Behind Act, according to a new report by USA Today. In addition to showing support of NCLB, Williams was required to interview Secretary of Education Rod Paige on his television and radio programs.

    Armstrong Williams, a columnist and radio/television host has his own show, The Right Side, broadcast mainly on Sinclair Broadcasting Group affiliates. Williams' radio program is broadcast on a mere 18 affiliates according to his website. He also serves as the CEO of the Graham Williams Group, a public relations firm he formed with Oprah Winfrey's boyfriend, Stedman Graham.

    Williams' contract was part of a larger $1 million deal struck with Ketchum, a public relations firm. The deal with Ketchum provided the government with fake video news such as the scrutinized release by the Department of Health and Human Services over the new prescription drug plan.

    In addition to paying Armstrong Williams for his opinion, the White House gave him a seat on the President's Commission for White House Fellowships.

    Congress passed laws against the creation of propaganda by the government. Critics of the White House's paid use of Williams state that it is clearly a case of government propaganda.

    Yassah, I sell No Chile Left Behind fo' ya, Massah Bush." -- Armstrong Williams