Black People : Armed Revolution!....what is your thoughts on this Black people?

Pharaoh Jahil

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Aug 2, 2003
Mother Earth
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It's been said that in every fight for liberation, comes bloodshed. Nobody wants death, but violence is a reality in the fight for freedom in my opinion. That's not to say that this will determind our freedom or liberation as a people because true revolution starts in the mind. However, even the mental liberation of a people isn't going to stop the enemy from during what needs to happen in order to keep a people oppress, suppressed, and repressed. If all else fails, the enemy will (and I do believe this) make an attempt to use brute force and if yall don't believe me, look at our relations with the Police or with what is happening to the "so-called refugees" in New Orleans. The only way I see necessary under such circumstances is "self-defence" which is a human right especially in the name of freedom. Like Malcolm said "If you're not ready to die for it, put the word 'freedom' out of your vocabulary." When I look at certain countries in Africa and Latin America, the oppress in these countries are arming themselves and are willing to sacrifice their lives...That's how much they want to be liberated.

There was a Mexican revolutionary by the name of Zapata who once said "It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees".....

Black people....what are your thoughts?


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Aug 24, 2005
lol **** james- u coldblooded. Well yeah I mean...if for SOME reason it came to this, and i think this is highly unlikely I mean I dont think I would just sit there...I'd prolly help out a lil

Keita Kenyatta

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Feb 7, 2004
To keep it real, let me say it like this; We've been in this country for several hundred years. We are in the BEST POSITION TO BRING IT TO ITS KNEES. We know where to strike better than anyone else and can do it without the white people ever suspecting us of it...why? Because they trained us well enough to the point that they would never look for us to do it. After all, we love white people! (LOL). We know the weak points and the strong points. If I had my way, I'd really use the bloods and the crips for good reasons. They would each have to knock off a white person every week as initiation.

Every brother and sister with aids should make it their business and civic duty to sleep with a white person every day. Why? Because we know them ******** created this death. So don't ask me, cause I know what has to be done and how to do it. What do I do? Lets put it like this...If they knew, they would have given me the death penalty many times over! Malcolm was right. If you ain't got nothing you would die for, what do you have to live for?

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