Black People : Are you willing to die?

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    My question to everyone on Destee is that if the world wants us black people dead or slaves. No one wants to be a slave correct? So why are we here talking the evil white man, going "back" to Africa, and the "black men are warriors" rhetoric? If you believe that you are a slave, then you should be willing to die to gain your freedom, right? Are you willing to give your life as a powerful individual? Or are you waiting for the Mythical black leader to appear and give his?
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    Brother Bigtown ... everyone is going to die, willing or not ... unless you know something that I don't know.

    I don't want to be enslaved any more than my Ancestors before me, wanted that. When they were enslaved, they lived, went through all they went through, so I could be here. They suffered much more than I can lay claim to, though it's been no flowery bed of ease, even for me. As they persevered for me, so too shall I do the same for my children, and my children's children. I will do all I can to make it better for my babies, like those before me, did for us.

    I owe it to those before and after me, to do my part, and I will not curl up in a ball and die.

    Suicide is an option, but not a valiant one.

    It is not one that matches the strength, determination, courage and God coursing through my veins.


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    Well frankly

    Yes I am willing to die for what I believe in but I dont understand what your saying because Im not going off half cocked running behind someone who doesnt have a plan. Just saying it..dont mean what's your point exactly.

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    Yes I am willing to fight. Risking my life in the balance for my rights, my childrens future, for my sibling brothers and sisters, and for my mother.

    There are plenty of evil white men, and women. There are plenty of evil black men and black women.

    I know plenty of good white men and white women, I associate and have worked with. I know plenty of good black men and black women I have associate with, and worked with.

    I don't call all whites evil, that would be wrong. I don't hate anyone, I do dislike a few people, and they know this. It is fair to them so they stay away from me, like I will them. As soon as they couldn't hold back the hate. Its like my kindness, intelligence, and good nature had them swollen up and finally they had to erupt. I'm talking about bosses, co-workers, and friends of friends. If someone has a problem sooner or later... they just can't contain it.

    I get the answer quickly. Because if your involve with me in any fashion. I am going to count on you.

    Everyday, to be your best, I work hard everyday to be my best. I smile as soon as I wake. Glad to be alive. I will tell a joke or two. To make you smile. I am going to talk to you everyday.

    Racist can't stand this.. they explode. Me happy.. Oh no... they can't hold that fake relation they front.

    This is when I am really over joyed about life. I am very happy now. Because now I see.

    ( the real them )

    On going back to Africa. I won't be going back. I will be going to visit.
    If I had to go back, or decided to go back. i woukd have to convince. My children, my mother, my sisters and brothers. That we have to go back becuase life here is hard.

    They know life here is very hard. I have eight siblings. we have never gave up, gave in or had a need to discuss white folks that held us back. becuase we strive. past the nonsense, crush the nonsense, crush the enemy. Mainly we keep on moving on. So I will never get on the Garvey Ship. I wish those leaving well.

    Staying may mean death. But to die means someone is in front of me that may die first.

    I was raised to never run from a fight.

    A challenge, or difficulty.

    I consider myself a warrior when needed, a compromiser as needed. A Facilitator,and a provider.

    I see the options Blacks have here.

    In Jail
    Selling ( out on oneself by not applying effort to be at one's best )
    A ddict ( Alcohol and those Mind Numbing Drugs )
    D rug Selling
    D ead

    It's SADD
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    to seek truth
    everywhere and nowhere
    ok very real question

    The Honorable Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr says that a man that has not found a reason to die has not found a reason to live

    The question is not if you'll die, because we will all die a physical death one day, the question is what will you die for

    they give us plenty of reasons to die, and many of us are already dead

    but if you find a reason to live, death will respect you

    the right to live is the only reason to die

    each day when u wake up, the first celebration is the morning rites, wakin conciousness that animates a dead body

    recognizin what life is and respectin it

    if we truly beleive that we are great and powerful and we know for a fact that everything they produce is a weapon of mass murder or something for our downfall, and we can not change then we're all talk and not ready for a true revolution

    awareness is about will and discipline, and love is about committment

    if we are tryin to live then we should be practicing the rituals of life...

    no meat
    no drugs
    no cigarettes (wrkin on this)
    no coffee
    no sugar
    no killin
    no hatin
    no sex otta marriage or without intent of producin life
    daily rememberence of our ancestors spirits and souls(they help animate us)

    if u don't want to act like a savage, then savage ways can not be a part of your being

    I stop'd eatin their food and watchin their programs and goin to their churches, and guess what, feelin pretty good

    u wanna feel better, then do something to feel pysically, emtionally and spiritually better

    it is our responsibility to remember just where we come from and what we were about

    and it's not easy to refrain from physical attachments, but the more u realize the importance of treatin ur body like a temple, the more you'll realize just how much God really wants us to live

    only a fool dies to prove the dictations of the ego

    meanin i'm not gonna die to prove i'm good enough

    I am good enough

    It's affirmed:

    I am the universe
    The universe is me
    My existence is for the upliftment of my enviornment

    And since I am in complete submission to the God of Life my every thought, action and truest desires remain stead-fast to the principles of life, living and giving life

    I am a servant of life, respectfully asking the universe everyday, for one more day, for us to perfect ourselves

    I am committed to loving us (whatever's righteous, without regard for what it looks like)
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    It is interesting the many ways hatred or fanaticism are or can be expressed, for instance if one hated the green movement or ecology, the comment or question would be well if there is so much concern then go out and die for it.
    The cessation of life in terms of any cause is predicated upon the refusal to use logic or strategy.
    In terms of the protection of ones family then some things are obvious but in terms of a cause or a struggle, the fanatical approach is to go to the extreme.

    In terms of the liberation struggle of Black folks in this nation against White Supremacy martyrdom only means something amongst a fanatical group, and as a people we are nor fanatical.
    When Malcolm, Martin and Fred Hampton were assasinated, there was some rioting, some depression in groups, but after a few years folks went on as though they had not heard or absorbed the message that these men had left.

    A.In terms of the present situttion of the Global Black community, no death is pleasant

    That is the first premise to take a look at.

    B. the Second is that physical death only gives joy , pleasure and siuccess to ones opponent.

    C. The Third premiss is that there are other forms of death then the physical
    1 the death of selfishness
    2 the death of complacency
    3 the death of greed
    4 the death of indifference
    5 the death of addictions

    D The fourth premiss is for the victim in asituation to analyze the modus aperendi of ones opressor.

    1 If the modus aperendi is to keep one complacent egading the plight of ones fellow person of African descent, then YES
    one must be willing to let that aspect of conciousness to die

    2 If the modus aperendi of the opressor is to rule by divide and conquor, or as some mistakenly like o use the term , Willie Lynch, then Yes ones indifference must die and evolve into love

    3 If the modus aperendi of the opressor is to keep Black folks from unifying on any real national level to solve our problems collectively,
    then Selfishness in ones conciousness must be ready to be embalmed and buried

    4 If the wealth and comfort of the opressor is based on the victims purchasing that which is addictive and constantly consuming that then Addictions must be laid to rest

    5 Now if the opressor itself is facing undue hardship and financial agony and is dependant upon every penny spent by the victim ,
    then ith aberation of Greed must be mortified so that one learns to withhold ones dollars for the benefit of the greater good of ones group, andspend and invest those dollards with that group

    But all of this is truly predicated on the spiritual, noy religious elevation, since this goes back to the first premiss, that none of these modalities are pleasant to let die.

    But the decision must be made on order for true liberation to occur
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    the question is moot because we are living in the land of the dead already...

    one love
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    In the Spirit of Sankofa and The Truth!

    Sister Destee,

    As some would say, enough said, end of discussion...period. No one escapes death, it is promised to all, and so far, that promise is valid.

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    I'l say this, if I were a slave, I would refuse to reproduce. No matter what they did to me, I would blow my own head off before I created another person for someone else to treat like property. Otherwise, I wouldn't commit suicide. My life could be used to help other slaves.
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    If you believe that you are a slave, then you should be willing to die to gain your freedom, right?

    If I believed that I was a slave, Yes I would be willing to die for my freedom and that of others. But then I’m not a slave (really).

    Are you willing to give your life as a powerful individual?

    Yes, but then I have been willing to give my life for the things I do believe in for a lone time.

    Or are you waiting for the Mythical black leader to appear and give his?

    There are no Mythical black leader(s) coming. The way I see our situation, it is for each and every one of us to do what we can to make our life’s and the life’s of our people as empowered as we can. We don’t need any leaders for this. We all can lead our self’s in this fashion. Each and every one of us is capable of taking charge of our life’s. Dyeing is but the final process to our life’s. To struggle and fight for our freedom to live as true humans is our right and responsibility to our children and our African Ancestors. So yes I am ready for the struggle and the fight that is in front of us. I have been since 1970, when I returned from Viet-Nam….