Chief Elder Osiris : Are You Satisfied Today?

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    Are You Satisfied With The Spirit Black People Express Today?

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    You know beloved, there are Black People today that make every effort to extract the Greater Good out from Evil when in Evil there is no Divine Good, but there is a good that is profanely evil, have you notice that there are some Black People among us even when the empirical facts about our Spirit is being revealed, we will attempt to justify the nonfactual information some of us are giving about Black Folks life condition by indicating that , well our Life condition is just based upon a point of view, in other words, on how each of us might look at our condition and come up with different opinions about what caused our condition and what we need to do to cause our lives to become Divinely pleasant again or in a state of conformation to others way of life.

    So tell me, what is the state of condition our lives are in today, that is verified by our life spiritual expression, Black people seem to always be wondering what is it that we need to do in order to, not Liberate, but to advance our life condition, but then some of us might say, in order to make our live condition better and / or to bring about a change in our life condition and we accept those life limitations as if that is enough for the Black Life, and we do so because Black People today are just in a survival mode and not a Liberation mode of Mind Thinking and action.

    The Spirit Black People express today says a lot about what caliber of Mind we are operating under, because by the action of the spirit of Black People, we are well satisfied with the state of our Life condition in the World at this Time, Hell, you have some Black People who will tell you that Black People have not ever had it so good and that we should be thankful for the condition our lives are experiencing today, which is to imply that some of us Black People are oh so satisfied with the quality of Spirit that Black People are revealing today and do not know the Divine Truth concerning our Life story in the Universe and on this Planet call Earth.

    So I ask of you, if that is your belief today that Black People spirit today is alright, it is acceptable to you, then I ask of you to go and stand in front of a Mirror and face your God and tell that God without a doubt, that you do not observe anything wrong with the Spirit that Black People today is exposing to their Body Life and if you can stand there and make such a statement to your self about your Body Life condition and our present Spirit is of your acceptance to you, then there is no wonder why Black People have blurred vision and can look at things with multiple vision, meaning that you can not determine which is the actual True vision of action that you are looking at, and I use looking, because for Black People to say that we are satisfied with the Spirit we now express in the World today, it clearly is saying that we are not yet in a Mental position to See the Spirit we have, guiding our Body Life today.

    So tell me, what is the evidence that is based upon empirical facts that verify that the Spirit Black People are expressing today is a Spirit that is acting in a way that cause the factual evidence to be that Black People today can only look and can not see that which is the cause for the error of our ways, and such blindness, is what have us to be a Divided Black Nation today and is the reason for Afrika not being Afrika today, so the reason for Black People being in such a Life situation of tribal division as we are today and Afrika not being Afrika today, is because of the Spirit that Black People are expressing today in the World, a spirit of total satisfaction, in view of BLACK PEOPLE LIFE CONDITION AND WE NOT DOING A **** THING TO LIBERATE OUR DIVINE MIND, WHICH IS WHY WE EXPOSE ABOUT OURSELVES, AN IGNORANCE OF INTELLIGENCE TODAY.

    Yet some Black People believe, not Think, that the Spirit coming from Black People, it is a good Human Spirit that we are satisfied with and as long as we are satisfied with the present Spirit that we are expressing today, then the Life dynamics that our Enslaved Ancestors experienced will remain in bondage, never to experience the Freedom that they so ever desired to experience, away from the Human Being institution of Chattel Slavery and as we their children experience the modern day Mind manipulation by the same caliber of Spirit that did bring our Ancestors to be Treated as their slaving property and it is a spirit of submission we express today to those same oppressors spirit and it is that caliber of spirit that Black People exhibit today.

    Therefore we are still in America revealing that we are satisfied with the quality of Spirit that we are expressing today in the world, wanting only change and not knowing that we Need to be Liberated from an environment that breed the quality of Spirit that Black People reveal today. which is a lying, deceptive and self hating spirit, which we appear to be satisfied with, as we make no effort to Save Our Children.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Beloved, not until Black people develop the desire to exorcise the passive and obnoxious spirit that we reveal of ourselves and a spirit of self deception, we will not ever again experience the sacredness of our Divine Mind and without our Divine Mind, a constant state of confusion we will remain as Black People, we always justifying the present Spirit we express today.

    I only Share with you that Which I know Is Divinely True Beloved, You Can Either Accept Or Reject, I Will Continue To Share That Which I Know Is Divinely True And Real To Me.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]