Black People : Are You Ready for Reparations? Oldsoul Revisited

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    Two years ago if someone asked us if we thought there would be a Black president most of us would have answered a resounding NO. We now give the same answer to the question of reparations. But suppose the unthinkable happens and congree decides to grant reparations to the descendants of American slaves. would you as an individual be ready?

    By ready I mean could you prove in a court of law that you are descended from slaves? You know the saying if it ain't written down it didn't happen. They not going to give you money just because your skin is dark. In fact, they might decide that the darker your skin is the more likely your people came here straight from Africa as freeman.

    This has been part of the plan from day one. Do you think that when we were freed from slavery and our ancestors saw the government giving compensatio to our slavemasters that nobody steped back and said wait a minute we're the ones who did all the work, where's our compensation? How come we're not getting any money? Yes, the question surely came up and the government made sure we would be so ashamed of our ancestors that we would never ask the question again. We have been so ashamed of where we came from, so unwilling to lay claim to those who were humiliated for hundreds of years that we split the scene with no thought of keeping a record of that horrid past.

    It won't be easy. On my father's side I trace my family back to a slave named Nelson Burrel. On my mother's side I trace my family back to General Robert E. Lee. So the court might decide that I owe oney. There comes a point where you have to do without birth records and start looking at the property records. They so eager to trace our dna back to Africa. How come ain't nobody tracing their dna back to a slave?

    My point is we can't wait for it to happen thinking they going to let us run and get our papers together on Friday and go to court on Monday. There is a reason for what is in the air now. Good things come to those who wait. But only what's left over by those who hustle..
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