The Front Porch : Are you online a lot or a little?

Are you online a lot or a little?

  • a lot

    Votes: 38 79.2%
  • a little

    Votes: 10 20.8%

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Sep 13, 2003
I'm not online that much, I gots work and school. But when I am on, I sho nuff am on this site. :geek:


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May 30, 2005
Hello, my name is Spradley and I spend too much time online. :) I still watch tv while online. The computer is hardly ever turned off these days. When I'm not sitting in this chair, I'm outside of the home working.


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Jan 3, 2005
I love this site it’s nothing like other Black websites I still post now and then.. Here there are a lot of positive and outgoing posters! I spent a lot of time online reading news or opinions on forums, especially around here! I don’t communicate very often with people in real life because they think I am strange and too radical, so I visit websites such as this one to exchange views and opinions about the African liberation struggle and Black people in general.

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