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Feb 9, 2001
First of all, this is not an original idea. I came up with this topic after reading the thread asking women who wear their hair natural to identify themselves and share their reasons for choosing to be "natural."

While reading the responses, I really became more curious to know are there any Black(men and women) that get offended if someone referred to their hair as being "nappy"?

When/if someone says that, does it hurt your feelings and make you defensive?

Is anyone willing to admit that they are bothered by the natural curls that spring tight to their head and you just don't like them?

lBlack women:

Has a man ever told you he liked your hair better permed and weaved?

Has he ever named a "movie star" to give you an example of the type of hairstyle he would like you to wear?

When I was much younger, I used to get offended if someone told me my hair was nappy because that was meant to be an insult. Today, I've been long past that form of ignorant way of thinking and have developed a more caring relationship with my hair. I'm no longer insulted if someone refers to my hair as nappy. In fact, I am starting to think that it's one of the highest compliments a Black person can be paid.

As I look at how Black women express themselves through their hairstyles, I often wonder what reasons lie underneath their chosen style. When they look in the mirror, what do they see? I see a Black woman's hair as an expression of who they are and it says a lot about how she thinks of herself and views the world in which she lives.

I think a Black woman's hair is uniquely and wonderfully versatile. It can signify social, political, economic and spiritural connotations. It can be shaped, styled and manipulated in as many different ways as the mind can conjure up ideas. Our hair can reflect so much about us. They say that the eyes are windows into our souls. Maybe our nappy hair is a reflection of our souls.

Here's a website that I found interesting and wanted to share with all my nappy haired sisters! I hope you enjoy it.



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Feb 16, 2001
memphis, Tn
I'm bald :lol:

Bit would have to say that when I was young it bothered me for someone to call my hair nappy. I don't know why...Maybe its because the MEANT it to be hurtful. It wasn't a term of endearment. So it may have been the fact that they were trying to put me down more than the actual words of my hair being nappy.


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May 9, 2003
When I was younger I use to perm my hair twice a week,
thinking that it's better to have permed hair than nappy hair.
Well back then boys did pick on you if your hair was nappy.

As I matured I felt the same way; that I would get talk about if I had nappy hair(and sometimes I did). I feel that more people are going NAPPY(Natural) because People like India, Badu, Jill Scott and others made it Hype. I decided to go natural because I feel I want a change. I want to live Afrocentric. I want to be all natural:
in my living, my style and my hair.


Apr 5, 2003
Blessed love

I can say that u r very inspiring!
We are the only people on earth who has natural curl that's is so deep.
NAPPY HAIR as u says
Our hair is facing the sun,it is not going down.
they are UP towards the sky,this is an other proof that we are a very special people.
Our HAIR, like our SKIN are made the way they are to protect us from the environnement in wish we have been created.
The garden of EDEN where BLACK MAN AND WOMAN were living at the beginning.
All the over races have their hair facing down.
We should be proud of our difference,and not to envie over people.
And not to live in ILLUSION, IN DARKNESS.
not to destroy our NATURE by all these chamical,and falls hair ,falls nails. They are the ones who need extra this and that to be confortable in their skin NOT US we DO NOT NEED ANY OF ANY EXTRA TO BE, WE ARE THE ORIGINALS. (my brothers,stop shaving your hair,remember SAMSON STRENGTH lays in his HAIR)

" a peace of wood in the water could never become a crocodile".

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