Black Poetry : Are you Available?


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Are you available?
For romance
Love dance
Soul tie
Are you available?
Stop writing with the pen
But write with your heart
Are you available to be loved?
To be the queen
you were destined to be
Are you available?
Are you willing?

Still waiting for my proposal to be accepted....any queen available to reign with me?
so afraid to write with my heart
secret things i'd have to impart
fears displayed in panoramic view
wondering how you will construe
my yearning desire to be your queen
available willing with no in between
wanting to dance a whole life long
you as my king romantic & strong
secret things i'd have to impart
so afraid to write with my heart
ya love

she maybe not so far
yet i wonder who she r
even some scared to write with heart
some r under ya romantic spell
the pen flow sometyme from heart

man she will speak up !!
this be off da change
like watcher said is it getting hot round here!?:blob fire:
As I see things
it's not just a question of a
queen's 'availability'
but rather what are the
odds for me to find a "real man"
with the mind-set of
traditional love and
but just in case you
are providing me with
an open opportunity
to dance a lover's dance
with two soul's tied
in a romantic slip-knot
I'd give you this chance
and accept your
reciprocity ... unconditionally-
I'll even stop writing and
lay down my pen
if only I can imagine
the capacity in which
you would have me
to be in ~


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